Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer O' Fun Week 2

We spent the larger portion of Week 2 in The Mighty Mississippi. My sweet Grammy is not doing well and we usually take a trip there in July anyway, so we went ahead early!

Since J had to be at work early, we had a LIIIITTTLE extra time in the airport.  (Like 3 hours extra.) If you haven't had the blessing of spending 3 hours in an airport with a toddler, I suggest you put it on your bucket list. It'll bring you closer to Jesus. 

I do feel like someone has given Greyson an extra shot of Kryptonite these last few weeks (or is this the new normal?), so he was extra rambunctious. Thank goodness the flight was on time and we made it to MS with no problems. (Despite the problem with the blinking button I noticed the pilot was having before take off.  I wish I didn't do this. I watch the cockpit like a hawk, as if there's something I can do about it.

When we got to MS, we went straight to my Grammy's house and got some energy out in the backyard. Greyson was already making CC work for it. (I'm on the patio sippin' lemonade like, "Hey, this is the grandchild you begged me for....")

Greyson loved Grammy's house (because it's awesome) and he found the "toy closet". Most of these toys were ones I played with which were the same ones my MOM and her siblings played with! So we had retro hour! He was amazed.

My Mother-in-law came to get the little cherub and a lot of our time was spent at the nursing home over the weekend....

And my Grammy would NOT BE HAPPY with a bad picture of herself, so I'll share with you my fabulous Grammy.....

YES MA'AM. Isn't she lovely?...
Meanwhile, I'm getting pics from Nona like this.....

And this....

      And this...
If baby wants an entire train track, baby gets...
They had a BIG time and I'm so thankful for me DEAR DEAR in-laws. 

My mom and I did manage to get some time away. (I even got a toddler free shopping trip to Old can read about here.) We also hit up a concert in the park and dinner one night! Although the circumstances were heavy, I did enjoy some long overdue one on one time with my Mama. 

We sort of look alike. ; ) 
On Sunday I headed to my in-laws to pick up the little bambino....he spotted me pulling up from the "Ranger".....

I spent the next few days at my parents house, where the country fun continued....for real....both of our parents houses are like big amusement parks for G, complete with ATV's, shops, tractors, etc. 

My dad has a HUGE work shop...(seriously, their neighbors call it the Taj Mahal) and Greyson is completely OBSESSED with it.  It has every tool and machine imaginable. Greyson calls it the "POP SHOP" and that's where he wanted to be ALL DAY ER'DAY. And listen, while I'm not a 100% girly-girl, there's only so much tool identification and fake screwdriver/hammer work I can handle. #wherestheteaparty

Pop was eating it up though.

There were many rides on the tractor.
Look at those sweet hands. Pop and Greyson's birthdays are just days apart. I remember on Greyson's first birthday, Pop telling him: "'re ONE...and I'm SIXTY-ONE." I feel like this picture is just priceless!
CC's popcorn machine is always a main attraction's the little things, right?
My "hair girl" is in Mississippi, so I figured I'd get a trim while there. (Once you find a good one, there's no turning back!) My mom was with Grammy and there was no way that I was taking G with me alone to the hair salon.  So Pop tagged along and we grabbed some lunch at McDonald's and he was in sole charge while I went across the street for my hair cut. I could tell he was a little nervous, which I thought was hilarious, being that he raised 3 kids of his own. (He's says he has amnesia from it all.) He did great and took G to Dollar General and Fred's, and of course they came back with a new toy. 

By the end of the weekend, my Grammy was back at home, but is still doing rough, so we'd all appreciate your prayers. It was hard to leave her, but we are certainly glad we went! Greyson ended our visit with her by rolling around on her bed and making her some "toast" with the little plastic toaster she gave him.  Sweet memories tucked away in my heart.  : ) 

We got back on Thursday, just in time for Father's Day weekend! 

We hit up the Arboretum on Saturday and had a big time with Dad......

Again...gorgeous background available but not much cooperation for a family photo.....I give up.
I did catch this little gem...these two are BEST BUDS and I love watching them together.
On Sunday, we rolled the Toddler Dice and took G to his first movie, Cars 3.  We could probably all quote the original Cars, so we couldn't wait to see the new one! G sported is "Mater" shirt and off we went! 

The movie was so cute and Greyson did incredible.  Perhaps it was the 20 pounds and 2 gallons of lemonade that kept him busy, but nevertheless, it was a good experience.  He squealed and laughed through all of it! Another checkmark on the Summer O' Fun Bucket List! 

And while it's hard to believe, this is actually the BEST picture I could manage once we were actually inside the theatre. 
And that's it for Week 2! We're still kinda slow goin' during Week 3, but we're having fun! 

Hope your Summer is great so far!

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