Monday, June 5, 2017

May Daze

WHEW!!! Did anyone else feel like this at the end of May?!

A little upside down?...This pillow kills me. I realize there's a 50% chance of it being correct when I throw it on the couch but I feel like it's upside down 100% of the time. 
I don't even have school aged children, so I can't imagine how worn out YOU PEOPLE feel.

I will say, that as busy as May was, it was a SUPER FUN month! (I'm sure you're as glad as I am so you don't have to hear me moan and groan about potty training again. I'll admit, May wasn't much better in the #2 category, but June is looking up.  We've gone back to good ole fashioned bribery.) here's to you May!

We started with the most darling Mother's Day Tea at Greyson's school. It was quite a challenge to manhandle a 2 year old and gracefully wear my "prettiest tea dress" as the class invitation requested. But I did my best and immediately removed my heels once we got to the car.

Greyson's first priority was making it to the cookie table once I got there. 
I couldn't believe it was my THIRD Mother's Day. This little guy fills me heart and has probably taught me more than I will ever teach him. 

Our anniversary usually always lands on Mother's Day weekend, so that weekend, we also celebrated our EIGHT YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We left the babysitter in the sandbox with G and peeled out on two wheels! We had the best time at Trinity Groves in Downtown Dallas! We spent some time looking at the view on the rooftop bar at Saint Rocco's and then had THE BEST seafood meal at Amberjax

I didn't think we were doing big gifts for our anniversary, so I found this darling little bucket at a gift shop that had cards inside to fill out with what is on your family bucket list. We had the best time talking about our dreams/goals/trips and filling the bucket! You can read all about our Bucket List here!

Jeremie ended up surprising me with a MacBook Air for anniversary/Mother's Day, so you can imagine what a winner I felt like for giving him a tin bucket. #oneup #thereisalwaysnextyear

I actually cried when I opened the MacBook. For the past few years I've been using a super old PC that would rival the size of the 1991 Macintosh Classic. I called her Bessie.

The school year ended faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail it seemed.  Greyson looked like he was 12 years old on the last day.....TEARS....


We didn't mean to be twinsies, but we were totally rocking the seafoam green and denim shorts. 
That Saturday, we were looking forward to sort of "celebrating"the beginning Summer, but instead we woke up to this...

Greyson's eye was swollen shut from a mosquito bite...his little skin reacts so horribly! He's had it before on other parts of his body.  I was 99% sure it'd be fine and go down....but it's his EYE. I just couldn't risk that future conversation of "Sorry, Greyson, your eye is permanently damaged because Mama didn't want to ruin a perfectly good Saturday...."  So off to the Saturday Clinic we went. They pretty much told us: "It's a mosquito bite" and recommended some Benadryl.  Two hours and $40 later we moved on with our weekend. #kids #parenting

After looking through more pictures of May, it seems that we spent half of it at our new favorite park, Jack Carter Playground! It's the BEST for toddlers! Everything's so low and easily accessible for the tiny tots! 

The sandbox has been in full swing too......

And on the MANY rainy days in May, we played "Castle" with the pillows on my bed...

I KNEW my 72 throw pillows would come in handy one day...
May was also the Month of Outdoor Dining for our family! We LOVE the new Boardwalk area and Hub Streat in Plano!

Summer time means playdates and we had our fun share.....

The Playdate Co. in Richardson with Dallas Moms Blog playgroup!

Then our first splash pad visit with Collin County Moms Blog playgroup!
For Memorial Day, we booked a last minute staycation at our favorite downtown spot, The Adolphus Hotel. This is not sponsored....but the Adolphus is totally remodeled and beautiful! Their rooms, pool, and famous lobby are absolutely gorgeous! We had the best time taking G to Trinity Groves, The Rustic, and Klyde Warren Park. You can read all about our Memorial Day staycation here!

Now that ALL the schools are out, it's finally time to OFFICIALLY kick off The Summer O' Fun

My friends and I met guessed it...Jack Carter Playground this week and swapped ALL our ideas for our Summer Bucket List! (Print yours here.)

I hung the banner......

And we're ready!!!!

Over the weekend, I compiled everyone's destinations/ideas/inspirations, and put them into one post! You can see the entire list here!

And that was May! I can't believe it's already Summertime but I couldn't be more excited!

Hope your Summer is off to a an amazing start! Here we go June!

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