Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June Must Reads!

We are FINALLY getting back into the swing of things after being gone over a week! We arrived and it was BOOM! THE WEEKEND! BOOM! Father's Day! BOOM! MONDAY AND WE'RE ALL OUT OF CLEAN UNDERWEAR!

It takes me a while to get back on schedule, get the clothes washed, and get groceries back into the fridge!

Anyway, last month I shared some of my favorite recent blogposts, so I figured I'd do that again this month! These are random, but some great topics ranging from emotional to logistical! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

1) We Are Watching Other Kids Grow Up: I love Christie's blog at Letter's From the Nest, and this one convicted me SO MUCH. It talks about how we are so zoned in to our friend's posts about their kids and activities, that our own child is in the next room playing alone. OUCH. Since G and I have a lot of extra time together during the summer, I'm REALLY trying to not look at my phone constantly. I'm trying to focus on him and just PLAY.

2) Now that you've got all the mommy guilt, let's switch gears.  ; ). My friend Vanessa at Collin County Moms Blog put this genius list together, 10 Things Every Mommy Needs in Her Car.  I don't know about you, but I feel like all the crazy happens when we pull out of the driveway. You'll feel like you are organized and WINNING with these simple but handy tips!

3) Speaking of logistics, this post about Ten Ways to Occupy Your Toddler While Showering by Rachel Randolph is now bookmarked on my computer. Now that Greyson is potty training, I can't let him "linger" in his crib anymore while I get ready, and I seriously have used several of these tips since reading this post! It's awesome.

4) Get ready for some laughs (but seriously, TRUTH) in this post about Unspoken Mom Rules. My friend, Mary wrote it for CCMB, but she also has a great family blog at Trust Without Borders.

5) And finally, I was so excited to see a piece I wrote featured on the National City Moms Blog Website! It's about 2.5 years late getting on "paper", but I finally sat down and crunched out my thoughts at Lessons From the Carseat...Life is Full of Red Lights.

HAPPY READING FOLKS! I'll be back tomorrow to recap our Summer O' Fun Week 2!

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