Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ketones by Katie{s}!

Well hey there and Happy Tuesday! 

I'm excited to bring you my first official-ish sponsored post about Ketones! I just HAD to title this post "Ketones by Katie{s}", because clearly, I'm Katie, but my sweet friend who is a distributor for the Pruvit company and the Keto/OS product is KATIE too! So it just made sense. 

Here's Katie with one of her little people...isn't she darling? And yes, she's always as fun as she looks.
So Katie is rocking and rolling as a Promoter for Pruvit, who makes this product (a drink mix) called Keto/OS. I kept seeing her posts about how much more energy she has, better mood, better sleep, more focus, etc. So we were on a Mom Date one day (we left the kids with a sitter and said PEACE) and I asked her all about this magic drink mix. And even though it sounds like magic, it actually makes total sense. 

I can't COME CLOSE to explaining it, but essentially, the fat burning state of our bodies is called Ketosis. This process involves a natural chemical in your body called Ketones. But our bodies are rarely in this state because first it has to get through all the carbs, sugar, etc to get to a fat burning state. So dedicated athletes are really the only ones who actually reach the Ketosis state often. 

So this drink mix essentially puts more ketones in your body to help you burn fat, but since it cuts past all the carbs and sugar, it also helps inhibit the sugar high and low effect.  This result is more energy and focus!

That's as close as I can come to explaining, so watch this neat video for more details...(click "Watch Now" when you enter the site.)

So Katie hooked me up with 5 days of drink mixes and I got to sippin'......

I loved the Maui Punch flavor. I mixed half the packet with 16 oz. of water after breakfast, and then again after lunch. I also liked the Orange Dreamsicle flavor, it reminded me of the old Flinstones orange push-up pops! The Chocolate was not my jam, but I'm weird about milky/chocolatey flavored drinks (despite my deep love for chocolate). 

I love how it didn't give me a "caffeine high" or shaky feeling.  I simply felt more focused. I noticed I was way more efficient with my time; I would look up and couldn't believe that I'd done what I did in only 30 minutes. (It's usually the other way around!) 

I also didn't feel the big urge to nap while Greyson napped (it's always so tempting), and instead actually finished a couple of projects that I'd been procrastinating.  

Like my entry wall for example...arranging, printing and hanging pictures on this wall has only taken me FIVE YEARS.....insert crying laughing emoji....
So if finishing a 5 year project doesn't motivate you to try it, I don't know what will!

Along with the flavors I mentioned, I loved this recipe page that gives you several examples of how to give them a little flair, like the Maui MaxTai, The Thinner Mint, Keto Limade, or Root Beer Ketone Float!

I also found this FAQ page very helpful!

You should definitely try some Ketones yourself! You can start with a 5 day pack and see what flavors you like! The Orange Dreamsicle and Chocolate Swirl are 5 packets for $25 and Maui Punch is 5 packets for $35 (it has twice the ketones, so a little more!) Katie will deliver locally or shipping is $3 flat!

To order your starter packets, or if you have any questions contact Katie here!

Thanks, Katie for letting me try this product and now maybe I can move on to hanging the paintings that have been propped up on my headboard for 6 months! ; )

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