Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Summer O' Fun Week 1

Here we go with our first post for the Summer O' Fun! Despite our last minute trip to Mississippi, we still managed to knock a couple of things off of our bucket list before we left! 

The Farmstead is an original homestead built in 1891. There is the beautiful farmhouse (available for tours) and several outbuildings like a blacksmith shop and schoolhouse. They host lots of fun activities including a program for preschoolers once a month on Fridays. Each month is a different theme, and I've always wanted to take Greyson.  I've been to an Adult Easter Egg Hunt at the Farmstead (sounds questionable I know, but it's just a night Easter Egg Hunt with food and drinks.) This place is so charming, so I finally got to take Greyson last Friday and the theme was...drumroll....Fireman on the Farm. 

So he got all decked out in his Fireman gear and to the Farmstead we went. Beforehand, we got to walk around and look at all the animals (chickens, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, etc.) 

He's my Mr. October.
Then we headed into the charming pole barn for story and song time. The Farmstead girls we so fun and animated. 

Then they split us up into 2 groups...our first stop was to see the firetruck. A firetruck never disappoints my toddler.

Then we switched and got to meet the fireman with all their gear. Greyson was ALL IN and asked to wear the oxygen tank, mask, hat, boots, everything! He was in HEAVEN. 

Fist bumping his hero.
Afterwards, we had some cupcakes and a craft time (no pictures of craft time because I was busy stopping G from rolling a glue stick all over his arm.) I will say craft was super fun for those who craft. Then we headed to the back and got to "officially" put out the fire.....this little wooden house had painted fire in the windows that fell down when you sprayed them...adorable.

Finally we went on a wagon ride pulled by a tractor. And if you have a boy toddler you know anything to do with a tractor is a WIN. I think this was actually G's favorite part. 

Fun on the Farm follows the school year (they have lots of camps in the summer), and will start back  in August I think.  Admission is $11 for 1 child and 1 parent. It is a full 2 hours or more of outdoor fun, so no different than if you went to Playstreet. I love stuff with a theme and since they cap attendance at 30, it's not overcrowded. Everybody can see and experience everything. Definitely worth the trip!

2) Swim Lessons

This will actually be an ongoing summer activity, but still on the bucket list regardless. After G fell in my in-laws pool over Easter, I wanted to make SURE this was happening this year. I'm not expecting a total swimmer, but we needed to start on some life-saving techniques. 

So last Monday we arrived for Swim Lesson #1.

We were all smiles and giggles until I actually handed G over to the teacher to begin the lesson. (She doesn't allow parents in the pool which I like.

Greyson lost his ever-lovin' mind. The teacher scooted me to the sitting area and closed the doors, which actually helped.  I could see G actually go in the water through the opaque doors.  

I just KNEW the next day he'd be all warmed up and good to go.  Do you HEAR THE toddler gods laughing at me?????  

HEAVEN HELP. He was screaming so loud he almost bust the plexi-glass. The teacher let him get out and sit on the floor next to me, but still wanted him to watch the lesson, which meant that I had the privilege of sitting in the SAUNA of the indoor pool for 45 minutes. I had actually showered that day and now I had sweat literally running down my stomach.  Mama WAS NOT HAPPY. 

I desparately wanted to do a cannonball by the time the lesson was over.  This was just too tempting. 

Good thing I had a mama day date planned.  We went straight to our buddy's house, I dropped him off with some lunch and we peeled out for the movie theatre.

BTW ladies, our Mama Day Date was a perfect plan.  We shared a sitter and planned our timing to leave right after lunch, so the boys ate and then went down for naps about 20 minutes later. (We just brought our pack 'n play.) So the sitter wasn't overwhelmed and we had several free hours to ourselves! You should definitely try this with your friends!

So that's it for Week 1! Nothing too dramatic but just some fun things that are out of our normal rotation! Can't wait to keep working on our bucket list! Hope your week is going great and would love to hear about your activities!

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