Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Round Up

I can't report about our weekend without recognizing the Veterans that lost their life for our freedom. Jeremie and I were talking yesterday and we both feel like Memorial Day tends to come across as a well-timed 3 day weekend that is used to mark the kick-off for Summer. And while safely and freely enjoying our friends and family around the grill is precisely what our Veterans FOUGHT FOR, I think that we (me included) tend to overlook the real meaning of the day. I realize that for many families, Memorial Day is an incredibly painful day. For you, I am praying. And THANK YOU, to all Veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice. You were certainly in my thoughts as we were going about our weekend. 

Looking back at our pictures from this weekend, we squeezed in quite a bit! 

We kicked off Saturday morning with a birthday party at Bahama Bucks, which will certainly get you in the Summer spirit! This place makes the BEST shaved ice/sno-cones, which Greyson had yet to experience. 

This picture looks quite enchanting, but this is really more what I was dealing with for an hour and a half......

I can still SEE YOU, Greyson, and you need to leave the palm tree ALONE......
Thanks to my sweet neighbor for taking this...I feel like I'm never actually IN the picture...
Greyson enjoyed picking out his flavor and watching them make his sno-cone!
After an ATTEMPTED nap (must have been all the sugar), we finally rescued Greyson from his crib and hit the road. We had made a last minute reservation at The Adolphus Hotel (our favorite downtown spot) and everyone was ready to hit the pool!

We stopped at The Dollar Tree to pick up some pool toys and Greyson wore these goggles the entire ride to the hotel. 

I LOOOVED the newly remodeled lobby! Still some of the old touches, but just more fresh! (The only thing that made us go hmmm....is the "artwork" above the fireplaces. Seriously, we thought it was covering something special to come, but that BLACK RECTANGLE IS the art. Ok. )

The rooftop pool CERTAINLY did not disappoint! How awesome is this little oasis tucked inside all the skyscrapers!? We had only planned to stay one night and after being at the pool about 30 minutes, we were like...did we bring enough clothes?...ok...let's stay another night!

Greyson was obsessed with the pool, which was perfect because the long white part running across is about 6 inches deep...so he loved playing in that area!

We enjoyed some French fries and watermelon.

Afterwards, we headed to one of our new favorites areas, Trinity Groves, which is where we went for our anniversary. I LOVE this area! It's so charming!

This time, we hit up Souk, which was the MOST amazing Mediterranian restaurant. Lil' G enjoyed a chicken kabob while we chowed down on a delicious appetizer platter. Sadly, Mr. No Nap started to melt down so we didn't have time to order entrees. 

He DID seem to make a miraculous comeback when we passed by The Cake Bar. So of course we had to go inside and get a piece of chocolate cake.  Listen y'all. This place is like heaven on earth. SO MANY cakes just right there in front of you waiting to be devoured!!! We will most certainly be back.

Greyson and Dad had some pillow talk when we got back to the hotel.....

ALL THE FEELS....this makes my heart explode...
The next morning we had donuts in the room. 

Unfortunately, the weather was a little yucky, so the pool was closed for the morning.  So we changed things up and headed to Klyde Warren Park for some splash pad and food truck fun.

After nap time, the pool was open again! It was still cloudy and the water was freezing, so I let the boys have it to themselves.  If I were really playing the social media envy game...I'd just post this....

"Current view"
But if I were really honest...I read about a page and a half the entire time.  A larger portion of our afternoon was spent in the pool bathroom trying to get G to potty. Just for him to do it in his pants right after we got out. So clearly I do not have a picture to honestly reflect our real experience. #reallife #pottytraining #swimdiapers 

We headed to Dallas famous "The Rustic" for dinner which was a great atmosphere but slightly disappointing because of the limited menu. (Unless you want to eat a fried chicken buffet....DON'T go on Sunday.) It was still fun to see it and the enclosed kid-friendly backyard was pretty awesome! G is still a little too young for us to just let him loose though, so it's good and bad. Our eyes are on constant scan mode. He was a pretty cute little i" for the Big D sign! ; ) 

More hotel shenanigans when we returned. This child stayed up later than he EVER has...but he also slept later than he ever has too!!! Praise the Lawd.

He didn't sleep in the bed with us....but did attempt to...it was pretty sweet.  G sort of has an addictive personality though....so if you let him do something ONCE, it's a THING. And his sleeping habits are too good too mess with....so we just settled for some good snuggles. 

The weekend was had to say goodbye to! We had a great time and can't wait for our next staycation!

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