Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Favorites: Old Navy Edition

HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL! Me and G just returned from Mississippi yesterday and we are trying to recover from over a week of being gone! I'm stuck in the middle of wanting to take a NAP and wanting to redeem my household. 

As usual, I'm linking up with Narci today for Friday Favorites! 
Narci shared some super fun summery outfits, and while I would NEVER consider myself a "fashion blogger", I DID hit up the Old Navy this week and essentially purchased my summer wardrobe. So I thought I'd share. I rarely have a ton of luck at Old Navy because I do feel like there is just a ton of inventory and and HAVE to try everything on.  Their fits are kind of weird and really vary. But this week, I had a few hours to myself (my inlaws had Lil G), so I thought I'd give it a whirl. 

I did spend a TON of time in there and looked at everything.  They really do have some cute summer things! And I love how affordable it is.  This is a season where I just can't pull the trigger on pricey clothes because....#TODDLERS. I feel like my clothes are always being spilled on, pulled on, stepped on, etc. So here are some super cute but affordable pieces I found: 

I think I actually shared this dress before, and it's safe to say that I'm a little obsessed with this dress. The length is long enough and neckline is high enough that I'm not worried about flashing anyone in any manner as I chase my little wild banshee. It's SO LIGHT and airy, and loose, but somehow, still sort of flattering.  (I don't really know how this works.) This dress can bee super casual, or you can dress it up with jewelry, wedges, etc.  They were on sale for TEN DOLLARS last week, so Mama bought 2. I have the blue striped, so I got the black striped and salmon color. I'm going to wear the heck out of these things this summer!

I actually got a light khaki color, but how adorable are these denim striped ones too? There were several other colors including white, black, green, and a darker khaki.  I LOOOOOVE linen pants for night outings in the summer.  I get cold in restaurants, but who wants to wear jeans!? They are incredible comfortable yet look super trendy. (P.S., I'm 5'1" ish and the length is actually fine on me...I can fold the cuff up if needed.)

I've been trying SO HARD to join the "cold shoulder top" party, but just couldn't EVER find one that fit me right.  I'm short with a shirt torso and narrow from shoulder to shoulder, so I seriously look like a bird or clown in most ruffled cold shoulder tops.  But this one is perfect!  I purchased the white, but wanted the denim one so bad (and apparently so did the rest of America) They didn't have my size, but here's an of what this top looks like. 

PLEASE EXCUSE the gym short pairing and yucky hair. It is against everything Southern in me to post a bad picture of myself, but I had a window of opportunity to shop alone and I TOOK IT. Shower or no shower. But sometimes the model pictures are deceiving. So I took one for the team, y'all.
4) Linen Blend Shorts

YES YES YES to everything about these. They are soft, light, and there's so many colors in them I already have about 5 different shirts I could pair them with! I don't know if I'm brave enough to mix florals and stripes like the picture above, but we'll see.

5) Classic Semi-fitted Tank

This is another item where I could buy one of every color! (And there's lots of colors.) It's exactly what it fitted enough to wear with flowy pants/shorts, but loose enough to eat some fried shrimp and not feel self-conscious. (Because that's my PLAN.)

6) Fit and Flare Cami Dress

This is the lightest, most fun little dress for summer! I can't wait to wear it on our beach trip! There are a ton of fun and colorful prints! AND it's super flattering on all body types with that fitted waistline and flare!

So there's some of my fun finds! Again-if you make an Old Navy run, my advice is to try on a lot everything (a lot of things look a lot better ON your body than on the hanger).  The have a lot of variety and always have great sales! (Make sure to sign up for their emails for extra discounts too!).

We are happy to be home and excited to spend the weekend with "Dad" and celebrate Father's Day!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. 1. I love the first dress, great for a throw on and go outfit! 2. I love the linen pants, I have trouble finding pants that are long enough. Those look really comfy. Hope you have a great weekend! -Mary

  2. Thanks friend! You too! We're taking Greyson to the cars movie, so I'm already planning on sporting the linen pants ; )