Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm a little late posting, but better late than never, right?! 

OH, Friday, how I love thee.  The moment that Jeremie's truck rolls up on a Friday afternoon is about my favorite thing in the world. Of course, I'm always excited to see that handsome face, and Friday means a weekend of family time together, but let's be real, it also means two extra hands.  Because this week, the little bandit has turned into a "Threenager", as they say.  

Regardless, we've had some good moments, so let's recap them, shall, we? Today I'm linking up with Erika, who is recapping her fab trip to L.A., and reviewing her trip to Warner Bros. Studios, which looks SO FUN, and something I'd love to do one day! 

1) Last Friday, I said PEACE OUT to the fam and headed downtown to our Dallas/Collin County Moms Blog Executive retreat.  I felt like I had gone through a time-warp when I arrived at the swanky W Hotel.  Hours before I was at the splash pad full of toddlers, and now I was standing in the lobby with the Harlem Globetrotters. (No kidding. I did not go fan-crazy though and get pictures.

Our suite literally overlooked Victory Park! 

I had the best time working, planning, and chatting with these ladies and eating multiple meals with two hands! 

2) Meanwhile, Jeremie FULLY REVELED of being the FUN PARENT. 

I was getting pictures like this....

Building a truck ramp complete with a loop-de-loop...
And this...

Beignets and bacon for breakfast.
And this...

J took him to buy the Paw Patrol gloves and the Rocky toy he's been eyeing....
So it's safe to say that Greyson was probably a little disappointed when I walked in the door on Sunday afternoon.  I did notice that he seemed to have been in the SAME outfit ALL weekend (based on FaceTime and pictures), and Jeremie confessed that he TOTALLY FORGOT to put him in his pajamas on Saturday night.  Like it didn't even hit him until the next morning when he woke him up and G was still in his play clothes! I laughed SO HARD.

3) This week G and I took a trip to Costco for a few items (I bribe him by telling him they'll be samples.) Costco typically overwhelms me because nothing is ever the same OR in the same place.  But we got what we needed and I seriously could have bought my entire Fall wardrobe there.  Just look at this long sleeve tunic top and puffer vest.  You can't see the vest well, but it's a soft cotton fabric and is actually flattering for a vest, because its kinda rouched. (Spelling?) Anyway, I'm pretty sure this will be my fall/winter uniform. 

Greyson picked out a little fishing hat. And ate 7 samples of the smoked sausage. 

4) So my little cherub has been giving me a really hard time with his nap this week.  Like, it's been miserable. One day he just didn't nap at all.  Another day he SCREAMED like a banshee.  I tried all the things to help comfort him and realized none of it was working.  So he screamed until he gave up.  And another day he took to gymnastics in his crib.  Like he was trying out for Team USA. 

SIGH. It's an understatement to say that a difficult nap time makes for a difficult mama. Apparently it's something in the moon (or the upcoming solstice everybody's all talking about), because apparently several of my friends with similar ages kids were doing the exact same thing this week! Heaven help. 

5) And today, my child truly AMAZED me.  We've been keeping a "Chore Chart" this summer, and Greyson has legitimately been helping me with simple tasks like taking the recycling to the bin, throwing the clothes in the wash, or wiping down the banister, etc.  He gets a little "chore money" each time, and at the end of the week, we take it to a store and I let him pick out a toy.  (Usually, he's been eyeing a certain one he's seen before.). Sure enough, ALL week, he's been talking about this "Ambulance" that he saw "at Superhero Story Time."  We DID go to Superhero Story Time at Barnes and Noble TWO WEEKS AGO, and I had NO RECOLLECTION of any ambulance. But I decided to trust his iron-sharp memory, and today, we trotted into the book store and sure enough, he walked straight to the kids area to a display of toys from the Cars 3 movie.  And there it was, plan as day....the Ambulance.  He said "That's It!" and I seriously had to pick up my jaw as it had dropped to the floor.  He has been happy as a lark with his new purchase today.  

That's all I've got today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Summer 'O Fun Week 10!

We are down to the wire here people and just rounded up week 10! This week (Week 11) is our LAST "official" week of the Summer 'O Fun before school starts! I can't believe it! We have had an absolute BLAST, but it's about to be the Summer 'O DONE.  Time to get back to a routine, people.  

Anyway, we checked out a couple new places on our bucket list during Week 10, but also did some repeats!  

The Little Elm Beach went on our list pretty quick this year because a lot of my friends had mentioned it! We finally got around to visiting on a cloudy day, which was actually pretty fabulous since it wasn't blazing heat.  This beach is adorable! It has a large sandy area, beach volleyball, and I think you can rent kayaks. There's a couple of restrooms and stations to wash the sand off your feet before you get in the car! There's also a little cafe that is super reasonable and smelled great! (We didn't eat there, cause we planned to go to Hula Hut!) 

This place totally quenched our beach desire here in Texas! As far as Greyson was concerned, we were at the real beach! He enjoyed playing in the sand, and the water was actually really nice too! On the same property (within walking distance) is a darling playground too! Little Elm has really designed this park/playground well and there's SO MANY Events and Activities to check out on the beach like Movie in the Park, Autumn Fest, Christmas at the Beach, and a Kids Fishing Tournament.  You can find all their events here! We will definitely be back!  

About a mile down the road, and situated on the other side of the lake is the most darling Austin based restaurant, called Hula Hut

As you know, I'm a sucker for atmosphere, and this place certainly has it! It's the wildest combination of Mexican and Hawaiian.  In fact, on their website it's called "Mexonisian". The decor is laid back and fun and there's an awesome outdoor area you can walk around with ducks, a volcano and dolphin fountain.  SUPER ENTERTAINING for the little ones. Our waitress even gave Greyson some duck food because he was melting down being so charming.

We didn't have to wait, but there's some cute stuff out front if you did! Our food was really good and the overall experience is just super fun and family friendly! I definitely recommend it! 

The next day we made another appearance at Sandy Lake Amusement Park with our friends. This place just never disappoints! So fun and charming! 

They had even opened up the "Rocket ship Ride" which Greyson rode THREE TIMES.  He had to experience from the driver's seat AND the shooter's seat! 

That afternoon, we headed over to my friend Jorie's house for lunch, nap, and play! I totally forgot that Preston has transitioned to a toddler bed, so I had no idea what G would do.  MUCH to my surprise, he laid right down and napped like normal! This helps me wrap my brain around transitioning! I had to get a picture when he woke up! He looked like such a big boy! 

After nap time, we played on Preston's new and very exiting water slide! G was a little apprehensive about this, but they had a good time.  Of course I went down it and thought it was a blast! ; ) 

Later in the week, we joined Dallas Moms Blog on their Playdate tour at Polka Dot Party + Play. They had ALL the fireman gear, so guess what G did for an hour and half.  He ESPECIALLY enjoyed reporting the "Emergencies" into the play walkie talkie.  

And yes, those are Paw Patrol slippers.  We bought them at Target earlier that day and he REFUSED to take them off.  I resigned to the fact that he's still young enough to wear slippers in public and people still think it's cute. 
And finally, we took lunch to Daddy's office! This was on our Summer Bucket List and we've done it maybe 2 other times this summer.  We really love seeing him during the day, and he says it definitely brightens his day, too. And even though Greyson doesn't fully understand, I think it's good to expose him to Jeremie's office and see where he is all day. Eventually he'll catch on and understand that this is "Work."  (It also reminds ME how hard he works every day!)

At one point during lunch, Greyson was playing with an unplugged phone, but Jeremie got a real phone call....and I had to snap this picture....

Working lunch....
This is definitely something I want to do more all year round! 

And that's it! Week 10 is in the books and next week will be my LAST Summer 'O Fun post! We're trying to finish strong and stay sane! I'll let you know how that goes next week....; ) 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Favorites: {Extra}Ordinary Moments...

HAPPY FRIDAY LADIES!!!! Whoo hoo!!! We made it! I'm headed to Downtown Dallas all weekend for a Dallas/Collin County Moms Blog Executive Retreat! I'm super excited, and my boys are actually equally excited to commence what they are calling the "Manly Man Weekend." Apparently there's gonna be lots of pizza, donuts, and I'm guessing camouflage will be worn at some point.

But first, I'm linking up with Erika today for the usual Friday Favorites! She's sharing some adorable back-to-school kids fashions today! 

We've had a fairly "low key" week, and now are just ONE week away from "school" starting back up!  I was telling a friend that as busy as we've been this summer, we've had equal amounts of time at home just hanging out.  The transformation from 2 year to 3 years has been astounding and fun and hilarious, (and all the other emotions you can think of.) 

But when I was looking through our pictures this week, and I'm just loving the regular, every day moments we are having.  The thing about parenthood though is that there really AREN'T an regular, ordinary days.  There are no days that look exactly like the one before, or just run of the mill. You can run on a routine, but 99% of the time, kids do something totally unexpected. They are doing new things, remembering things, and using that wild imagination to come up with the most hilarious conversations. Every day, there is something brand new and unexpected and well, ANYTHING but ordinary. And that's actually my favorite part of parenthood! 

On Sunday, we were hanging around at the house and me and Jeremie were just kinda running on empty tanks. G though, was full of energy and enthuse, so Jeremie got creative and made a "racing ramp" out of his truck ramps and some wood planks. That lead to building balance beams and forts and all sorts of fun.  These wooden beams lasted us the entire afternoon.  

Greyson is in FULL FORM in the mornings.  He often wants to bring a new "friend" downstairs for breakfast, and on this day, "Lion" (very original) ate with him in the chair.  

"Look at me, Mom! A hat!"
This week, Greyson has also been REALLY into turning on Pandora and playing "Cowboy music".  BUT, we also have to both put on our cowboy boots AND HATS. So we've had a few dance parties in our pj's this week. 

Most mornings, I TRY to have like 10 minutes of "Learning Time" where we got through the Alphabet and read a Bible Story.  (Listen, that's about all his attention span and my patience can handle.) Greyson is taking one from his school days and likes to tell me where to sit, and then he sits on the couch and is the "Teacher".  He says "We're going to to a story now. You ready?" And proceeds to teach and preach. I hear a lot of mumbling and then a random "Jesus" sprinkled throughout.  It's adorable. 

This week, we headed over to "Aunt Jorie's" after our morning playdate for lunch.  G needed little nap though and I totally forgot she has transitioned Preston to a toddler bed.  I was pretty sure G wouldn't know what the heck do and wouldn't nap.  But he totally cuddled up in that little bed and napped like a champ.  I thought he looked like SUCH a big boy in that bed! Made Mama so sad! I had to get a picture! Preston wanted in with his darlin' little Marshall robe! 

Speaking of Marshall, Greyson picked out some Marshall slippers yesterday and is OBSESSED.  (He's had a pair before and REALLY likes slippers.) We had a playdate that afternoon, and he WOULD NOT take them off, so I said what the heck. He's only young enough once to be out in public wearing slippers and people think it's adorable. 

So those are a few of my favorite and {extra}ordinary moments from this week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and please link up and share YOUR Friday Favorites!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 On The 10th: Back to School Supplies

Last month, I linked up with Perfectly Port Family for "10 on the 10th".  I love all the different topics for each month, so I decided to join again this month!  This month is 10 Back to School Must Haves!

Even though Greyson isn't in "Grade School" yet, he does attend a Mother's Day Out.  And while I don't have to search kingdom come for a "Non-Perforated spiral notebook" and 12x18 WHITE drawing paper (this DOES NOT EXIST BY THE WAY), we do our MDO packing down to a science so I figured I'd share!

1) Backpack: I actually got his backpack on sale at Pottery Barn this year, but this Wildkin Backpack has been a good this past year! (The pictures on Amazon don't really do it justice.) It has held up SO WELL! We use this DAILY, so backpacks really only last about a year around here.  Before potty training, of course it was full of diapers and wipes.  To me bacpacks MUST have a cupholder and front pouch for snacks! Wildkin has SO MANY PRINTS!

2) Lunch bag/box: The other great thing about Wildkin is that they have the matching lunch box! This one has held up really well.  I loved the inside net perfectly fit one of those flexible ice pouches. 

3) Napmat: Y'all, nap mats have come a LONG WAY since the red and blue ones of the yesteryear. (I overheard one mom ask another if they got the Memory Foam this year!.....WHAA..Me and Jeremie JUST got a memory foam bed!) Anyway, I WILL admit I tried to go cheap with this last year and it was pitiful.  After Greyson didn't sleep the first couple times at school, Jeremie made me buy a REAL one.  And HEAVENS, I would certainly be happy to nap on the thing.  It's the most plush nap mat you ever did see. 

4) Big bag to carry everything: This Medium Utility Thirty-One tote fits everything perfectly so I'm not trying to wrangle Greyson and carry 50 things at one time. If you know anything about Thirty-One, you know it's amazing and that they also have the Large Utility Tote (a little bigger) and even the Deluxe Utility Tote (the mama jama!) My BFF Mary sells Thirty-One, so if you're interested check out her website here!

I realize there's A LOT of prints going on here. Listen.  I would love everything to match as much as the next mama.  But that's just not reality for us, so we work with what we got. ; ) 
5) School Clothes: I LOVE  Carter's (they have great sales), but I also like to stock up on some cheap Garanimals brand clothes from Wal-Mart for school season. It's SO REASONALBE and let's face it, I'm NOT sending my cherub to school in a customized shirt when I know he's gonna be fingerpainting! 

6) "Bento Boxes": I mean, this Bento Box trend can be as expensive as you want. (Who went and named it, anyway...isn't it essentially a good ole fashioned divided Tupperware?!) Again, I admit, I tried to go with the good ole fashioned Ziplocks like my Mama did, but I can imagine that it's much easier and more time efficient for the teachers to pop a top off a Bento Box than unwrap every single thing form a Ziplock.  (Yes, last years teachers are probably still cursing me.) So I did find these on Amazon that reasonable and actually big enough to fit more than 2 bites in each compartment. 

7) Sippy Cup labels: These are obviously a MUST, and not only for school, but church too....or anywhere your kid goes! Last year, I meant to order some personalized ones from Inchbug (I want to try their orbit labels too), but I procrastinated and ended up finding some Cars themed ones at Wal-Mart. They actually withstood the dishwasher really well and I made it the whole year with one pack! I love these on Amazon too! They are "self-laminating"...

How clever is THIS?!
8) Planner: Now that we've got all the littles ones read, Mommy needs some "school supplies" too! A new school year means that there's 17 theme days that need to go on the calendar!

I am on year 2 or 3 of using the Mead large planner from Target.  I love this planner because it's flexible and BIG so I can fit all my dates AND my daily to-do lists! 

There's a large monthly view...


And then lots of space for each day to list individual tasks! Event extra space at the bottom for our weekly menu!

9) Small Notebook- I've also been using these Mead Five Star small notebook for years. Small and light enough to throw in your purse, but also has dividers with pocket for things like invitations and bills.  (And a pen holder!) 

10) A little inspiration: My Mother-in-law have me this book for Mother's Day and I absolutely love it! Emily Ley is a designer and creates of The Simplified Planner (which I want to try now) and this book is the neatest combination of faith based inspiration on how to make your life simpler.  From emotional clutter to logistical clutter! It's such a great and useful book! Definitely gets me in a fresh state of mind to start out a new "year"..cuz let's face it, the new year is the school year, right?! 

Ok! That's all I've got! Happy Back-to-School and I'd love to hear your favorite school supplies and tips too!