Sunday, May 29, 2011

Run for the Roses!

I'm backing up to a few weekends ago to our trip to Thomasville for the Rose Show.  Thomasville apparently is the Rose Capitol, so we figured we'd check it out.  There was also a car show, which Jeremie most enjoyed.  I went into the tent with that held the "rose contest".  There were so many beautiful flowers, but my favorite was a pink one, called "Hot Princess".  Imagine that.  : )  

Another recent "rose event"  was the Run for the Roses party our church had Mother's Day weekend. The Thursday before, Melissa, Patty & I had a "hat making party" at the house, which was so fun.  The dining room table was full of feathers, flowers, and rhinestones.  (Jeremie chose to be out of town that night.) 

Mom and Amy came that weekend, so it was a blast to get all dolled up.  I entered my Key Lime pie into the pie contest, and as delicious as it looks, I didn't go home with a ribbon.  : (  

All the ladies really got into it and there were so many pretty hats.....Mom actually got a few votes for her!  Next year I'm going to have to step it up.  

The Taylor Girls

Me, Patty, Melissa

  Katie Parrish, Me, Tiffany

Playing Catch Up....

Since my blog still has a Easter background, I figured it was time to update!  My friend, Melissa, and I were talking yesterday about when we were "little girls" keeping diaries, we'd always write:  "Dear Diary, SO SORRY it's been so long since I've written!"  This cracked us up, because, in essence, who were we really writing to???....but I'm glad to know there is someone with the same diary mentality as me. Maybe there's some "Diary Fairy" out there somewhere, just longing for us to update the little frilly notebooks we kept under our mattress.  (It's not there anymore, Mom...don't go looking.)

Anyway-so last weekend we traveled to Mississippi as Jeremie was serving as a groomsmen in Josh Jefcoat's wedding.  Jeremie and Josh met at Jones and have been great friends ever since.  The wedding was in Newton, about 20 minutes from Kelly, so we stayed with her and Keith for the weekend.  It was GREAT to spend some time with her and catch up.  In true Mississippi form, we hung out at the creek, and took the dogs, so Manny had his first creek experience & swimming lesson.  He LOVED it and was covered in sand, and proud of it.

The wedding was beautiful....I thought I was going to be a wallflower since I didn't know much of the wedding party, but I ended up seeing all kinds of people I knew.  I never get tired of going to weddings because I love to see all the different ways of decorating and such.  This tailgating spin of the Groom's Cake/area was ADORABLE.

The Dynamic Duo.....

I always think that going to weddings is going to make me jealous that mine has already taken place, but to the contrary-it just reminds me of how perfect our day was for us and how much I loved the little touches it had.  Okay-so maybe I'm a little jealous of wearing the pretty dress, but what girl wouldn't want to do that again?

The rest of the week was full of hard work as usual, but I had my eye on the prize for Thursday......the CHOCOLATE PARTY that I hosted at the house.  The Women's Ministry at our church has a group called "Cuisine Queens" and we alternate eating out and cooking at someone's house each month.  Whoever's home it's being held usually gets to picks the theme...we've done appetizer theme, soup theme, squash theme....well, it's no secret what my favorite food is, so I established a long time ago that chocolate would be the featured ingredient at my home! The party was a blast and we had soups with cocoa in them, cupcakes galore, and even a salad that was covered in CHOCOLATE balsamic vinegarette.  Now I could become a vegetarian for that!

This long weekend has beem long awaited and we have spent some good times with friends. Friday evening we took cheeseburgers to our friends Ben & Adriana, who was admitted into the hospital earlier this week with some complications to her pregnancy.  She was due in July, but ended up having to deliver the baby last night, but the good news is baby and mama are happy & healthy.  We can't wait to meet Baby Sofia.  And we are sure our cheeseburgers are the culprit......she's been in the hospital since Tuesday, we show up Friday with cheeseburgers and has the baby the next day.

Another incredible event happened yesterday...... wait for it.....I went to the NEW HOBBY LOBBY!  There are no words for how excited I was.  My scrapbooking obsession can now be fed.  While a few of us girls attended this grand event, the husbands went fishing, who regularly sent us photos and videos of the fish they were catching and their encounters with the alligators.  I wonder if they would care if we sent them photos of the scrapbook aisle and videos of the fabric department???

Church was great today, with an incredible message from John 12. Church was followed by a Sunday nap, Taylor family style:  get in bed and just hibernate.  I probably wasted a good part of the day, but it was worth it.  Mom, Dad, thank you for instilling the "Sunday Nap" gene in me.  If anything, it helps me to keep the Sabbath holy.  : )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ode to the Mamas....

So Mother's Day was a couple Sundays ago and I've been meaning to salute the mothers in my life via blog. 

This Mother's Day, Mom & Amy visited Tally, which was really special.  It was great to spend some quality time with my mama! Doesn't matter how old I get, there's something about hugs from your mom that are like no other.  Thanks Mom, for always being there and putting our family's needs above yours.  

Below is my favorite pic of all time of me and Mom...doing our signature "Triple Kiss" on my wedding day.  (I can't tell  you what a triple kiss is....if I told you I'd have to kill you.) 

To my "Mother in Marriage":  
Jeremie's fabulous God-fearing mother who could pray up snow storm in the middle of July. If I told her every day what an incredible son she has raised, it still wouldn't be enough. Mama Cate has prayed us through all the seasons of our relationship and Jeremie values her advise so much.  He LOVES. HIS. MAMA.
More favorite pics below: Left: Our rehearsal dinner....Right: Groom & Mother of the Groom

The GRAND-MAMAS: And boy are they grand. We are blessed with such amazing grandmothers. From the Left: "Grammy", my mom's mom; "Grandma" my dad's mom, and "Grandmother", J's grandmother on his mom's side. 
When I was born, I looked so much like Grammy, I could've been her daughter.  She's a spunky Cajun lady who knows how to throw a party and cook the world's best gumbo.  Always there to provide the "magic pillows" for a great nap, or a shoulder to lean on, Grammy is a nurturer at heart. 

Grandma, my email partner, and one of my #1 Blog Followers,  was always the "Hider of the Eggs" on Easter and took me to choir practice every Wednesday! Watch out for her deviled eggs; they're the best.  She loves a "deal", so this is likely where I inherited my love of shopping. : )  

Grandmother Mathis refers to Jeremie as her "Sunshine", and there is one word to sum up how Jeremie & Grandmother feel about each other: Adoration.  Each thinks the other hung the moon. : ) All family events are held at Grandmother's house, who amidst the 50 family members present, always seems to cook each person their preference of eggs on Christmas morning. 

And to my "Honorary Mamas"  who have stepped in as mamas over the years when needed:  

Mrs. Alyce.  If you've met her, you know how special she is. Her and Mom are like sisters, and sometimes scare me when they get together. ALWAYS providing a good laugh, she's known me since I was born, and s treats me like one of her own.  She is the creativity behind the gorgeous wreaths at our wedding....

Mrs. Carol Trussell:  Neighbor and mama alike. Always there to keep me on my toes, she put up with all the practical jokes me and her son played on each other, which oftentimes included ran-sacking her house or front yard. She's another prayer warrior who I'm glad is on my side. : ) 

To wrap up my Belated Mother's Day Salute, below is the poem that I wrote for my mom and gave to her the day before our wedding.  It's hard to express how special my mom is to me, but I found it easier to do when rhyming!  It's pretty amateur, but I figured I'd post it anyway! 

Mother of the Bride

Not often I’m lost for words,
And don’t know what to say,
But how do you thank your mother enough
On your wedding day?

“Mother of the Bride”,
Is the title you will be,
But what it actually means,
No one will ever see.

You tucked me into bed
With a triple kiss each night,
And worked on all my costumes
Until you got them just right.

If I had a bad dream,
In my bed you would stay.
And at every piano recital
You held your breath while I’d play.

For all my school projects
You came up with a scheme.
And at every birthday party,
There was always a theme.

It’s our annual Piccadilly trip
After camp on the way back.
It’s making sure at recess
I always had a good snack.

You hung all our stockings
Each year in their special place
You held me as I cried
With tears running down my face.

All the times we’ve prayed,
About God doing His will.
And your very wise words:
“Sometimes He just wants you to be still”

So the title “Mother of the Bride”
Comes with no fortune or fame,
But today it is the title
That only you can claim.

Because it’s more than dressing up
To say you give me away,
It’s your unfailing love you give me
Each and every day.


Monday, May 9, 2011

TWO Years Ago Today.....

I can't believe it's already been two years since I became Mrs. Wells.  What a magical day day it was.  Like I told Jeremie today, the wedding really seems like yesterday, but then again, I can't imagine what life was like before we were married.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful husband.  Praise God for blessing me with my best friend and partner in life.