Sunday, November 1, 2009

In the Mix......

With a few random items, this will be a mixture of a post.

A few weeks ago, we headed to "God's Country" AKA Starkville, for Homecoming. It just happened to be our 5 month anniversary, so it was very strange being back on campus for the first time since the wedding. Passing by the chapel almost brought tears to my eyes. J and I took some time to walk around campus a little while and eat some yummy cookies a the Bakery.

Gameday was actually very chilly and muddy as it had rained the night before. But you can't keep a real Bulldog away; we still set up our tent and tailgated as usual. Between Meg, Mary, Amy and I, of course we didn't go hungry! We had a great time and it was awesome to see our friends.

On a different note, life here in Tally is great. The more we are here, the more we love it. We've met some great friends, found an awesome church, and are also part of a small group that is studying a book called "The Reason for God." It is really great and is opening our eyes to how important is to share our faith with others,the power of prayer, and an awareness of others' needs. The group makes us feel like family, and is really helping us grow.

Tally is a neat town in the fact that it's the capital, but has a small town feel as well. People are very friendly and welcoming. The old live oaks are a beautiful back drop, and if you drive just a few miles out, you're in the country. I was headed to a land auction the other day, and had to stop the car to let these ALBINO deer cross the road. It was crazy!

That being said, we do miss our friends and family very much, so feel free to visit!!!!