Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Chief Greyson's Third Birthday

I can't believe my sweet baby boy turned THREE last month! The transformation and changes from 2 to 3 has been mind blowing. 

I'll admit the first part of the 2's was a battle of the "wills".  (Greyson's newfound will vs. our will.) We experienced four alarm meltdown's, the "NO" stage, a three month period where he was terrified of baths, a long stretch where he ONLY allowed me to put him to bed, POTTY TRAINING (GOD BLESS), and his discovery of manipulation. It was quite a year.  

But there have been so many amazing changes too. Greyson's communication skills increased exponentially.  I have no idea where he picks up all these words (actually, I have a strong guess...HE GET IT FROM HIS MAMA), but he can essentially participate in a full conversation now.  He remembers things about his day and even months ago, and really picks up on other's feelings and perceives cause and effect.  Child still loves to dance like a fool, dress in multiple costumes a day, and loves his sweets.  I don't have another child to compare him to, but in general, he is really just the most JOYFUL person in general that I've ever met.  He gives every day all he's got and then just passes out from the sheer exhaustion from it.  

And so I had to snap this last picture of my 2 year old the night before his 3rd birthday....

His birthday fell on a Monday, so we celebrated with presents and Shipley's donuts.  

Afterwards, I took him to the new Playstreet in Allen, which has a "Transportation" them.  We spent most of our time in the plane while the "Pilot" bossed me around to load up my luggage and sit down in my seat.  ; ).  We were headed to Mississippi by the way.  

A couple weeks later we held his actual birthday party, and of course we HAD to have a firefighter theme.  Greyson has been utterly obsessed with all things firefighter/firetruck for over a year now, so I've actually been sitting on this theme since last year.  It turned out super cute; every year I say "Oh, this theme is my favorite!

I just can't throw a theme party without having theme food, so the "menu" so consisted of: 'Lil Smokies, Fireballs, Stop Drop & Cinnamon Rolls, Firehoses (Twizzlers), and Firetruck Fuel (beverages). Clearly none of this took much culinary effort, but just giving things a name makes it more festive! 

My favorite part was the little kids table, which really came in handy at this age.  No parents had to hover over kids trying to sit in big chairs and everything was accessible to them.  

The party room we held it in was perfect and the kids ran around like wildcats, just the way I envisioned.  (Party tip: If you have your party offsite in a simple room, spread out a few toys for the kids to play with.  I usually go with whatever theme the party is, so last year, I brought a bunch of toy trains, and this year I brought a few of Greyson's firetrucks. Because he only has 752 of them.) 

I loved this little backdrop that my sweet hubby and Father-in-law labored over right before the party. I swore to them there were no last minute projects, but let's face it, there always are.  ; ) 

After a very lively round of The Hunger Games opening presents in front of a group of toddlers, we headed to the fire station across the street for a tour.  The firemen we so gracious to show us the inside of the station and then took us to the trucks and did some demonstrations with their equipment. 

The kids loved giving the firefighter "High 5" after he was all geared up.  Except Greyson.  Despite his fascination, I think he was a little too Darth Vader with his oxygen mask on.  

Yet again, another year of parenthood has stretched and challenged us far beyond the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity we thought possible. But as all parents know, the love you have for your child is more than enough and makes every day more than worth it.  

HAPPY "THREE" to my sweet boy. I love you with all my heart.