Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gender Reveal: Introducing Baby BOY Greyson!

We felt like we waited FOREVER to know the gender and now we've known for almost a month! I can't believe it! Our anatomy scan was on June 9th and it was amazing! I really had no clue what the "anatomy" scan was....I knew that you found out gender at this appointment, so in my mind, "anatomy" was the polite way to say "gender reveal scan".  The anatomy scan actually revealed more than just the, well, "anatomy" if you will.  The ultrasound was able to show our baby's development in his heart, organs, brain, spine, etc. It was amazing! At one point, he raised his little hand and waved it back and forth.  I about lost it at that point.
And we got an amazing picture of him sucking his thumb. Ok, at this point, I did lose it. So sweet!  
There ultrasound tech didn't really give us a drum roll or anything when she told us he was a boy.....she just kept looking around and said...."Oh, and it's definitely a boy!"  We were so excited.  We really didn't care what it was, but it sure is fun to know now.  

We told a few friends and family members, but my parents were scheduled to arrive a few days later and they wanted to find out in person. My sweet Grammy has been holding on to these 2 crochet blankets for over 20 is pink, one is blue. I had called her the day we found out the gender and she [double] wrapped up the blue blanket and sent it to Texas with my parents! I couldn't believe they spent 9 hours in the car with the blanket and didn't look! So when they got here, they [ripped] opened the BLUE blanket! They were thrilled! It was too fun! 

The next day we spent preparing for our gender reveal party! I had all hands on deck! Dad was stuffing goodie bags with cookies, mom was in the kitchen, and Amy was putting together our pinata stuffed with blue goodies.  Everything came together beautifully! 

Props to Amy the Artist for her work on the pinata!

Dad was so proud of his shirt!

We LOVED having all our friends over to reveal the gender! Everyone was asked to wear blue or pink to cast their vote.  I would say we had a good mix of both! The pinata was not quite the "Pinterest" moment I was hoping for (imagine that).  I had envisioned the pinata busting open and a darling picture of me and J standing under the blue confetti falling down around us.  Well.....the boys treated the pinata like it was the home run derby........

The pinata flew off the tree with a KO by Stephen....
Therefore, Matt bravely offered to hold it until they just beat it to death....
And here was my Pinterest reveal moment......oh well, it got the point across!  IT'S A BOY!
Good times were had by all!
My sweet Bible study friend & fellow Mommy to be! Natalie and I are about 8 weeks apart.
My Junior League girls!
And our Community Group...couldn't do Dallas without this crew! 
Mom, Dad and Amy stayed behind for a few days and helped paint the nursery! After much debate about color, we decided on 3 taupe walls with a yellow accent wall.  I am a very neutral person when it comes to paint color, but I figured I could step out of my box with the nursery. So while Mom and I trimmed out, Dad started with "Warm Caramel Honey" on the accent wall. I freaked out a little when his brush hit the wall.  But we all agreed to wait for it to dry and it would probably calm down.  Well, 6 hours later, it was still School Bus yellow.  So the next day, we painted over it in a safe, neutral taupe. A million thanks to CC and Pop for their hard work! I really enjoyed having them for the week, we had a great time.

As soon as the gender was revealed, the name game began. I was not dying to figure a name out immediately, but at the same time, I didn't want this baby to be "Nugget Wells" until delivery day. My parents, especially my dad, enjoyed participating in the potential naming of our child. He started going through the 100,000 + Baby Name book I borrowed from Mary and suggested some very interesting names. Unfortunately, unless you name your child something really weird, most normal names will remind EVERYONE of somebody! It was actually a lot harder than I though.  Some names we liked just didn't sound right with our last name, like "Max Wells" (it almost sounds like one word) and "Wyatt Wells".....well, just try to say that 3 times fast......

This week, I threw out the name "Greyson" and Jeremie really liked it! We agreed that it sounded good with "Thomas" (our definite middle name), didn't remind us of anybody, sounds good as a young or older name, is easy to spell, and easy to pronounce. We sat on it a few days and a dinner one night J revealed that he'd already created a gmail account for "Greyson Wells" so he could save the name. So that was that! We both agreed we loved it and now we have name for the little nugget....

Greyson Thomas Wells.  My heart melts every time I say it! 

 Just about 16 weeks left until we meet him! We can't wait!