Friday, March 22, 2013

The Honeymooners...

Contrary to what this post is titled, this entry is not about me and Jeremie! Ha! I have blogged before about our sweet friends, Bart and Jenn, that we met on our honeymoon. The last time we saw them was 2 years ago when we went camping in Florida. Jenn was 6 months pregnant and was a champ. She set up the tent, broke down the tent, went canoeing,etc. (Totally ruined any chance I have of completely milking my [future] pregnancy! I was totally going to play the helpless card. ; )

Anyway-their sweet baby is almost 2 now and Bart received The Husband of the Year award by telling Jenn to take off to wherever she wanted for the herself! So while he took care of Baby Blake, Jenn jetted to The Big D and we had a big time! Our weekend included LOTS of catching up, shopping, a trolley tour of Downtown Dallas, the movies, mani-pedis, and a pottery painting session. I was actually pretty happy with how my pottery piece was going until I tried to stamp the "W" on. Total fail. I like the "distressed" style, but this was a little much.  Jenn helped me recover though.

We had a great time and I am campaigning for them to move here. : )

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Beautiful and Talented...Amy Taylor!

I am proud to say that there is nothing groundbreaking going on in my life that is blogworthy. And don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. My family has a saying that "No news is good news", so I am completely content with regular ole life.

BUT, as I've told her many times, my sister's life is totally blogworthy. A former co-worker of mine calls her the "Superstar" of the family because she is a news reporter for MSU with a million dollar smile. (That she got for free--I on the other hand had to have braces TWICE. It was that bad.) Here she is:

Do you hate her already? (To really drive it in, her heart is as big as her smile.) Along with a fun job, she has the CRAZIEST stories that could only happen to her. (Let's face it-we all have that sibling that has better stories than you.) My recent favorite is that she "rescued" a stray cat in the neighborhood and took it to the vet school to have it neutered.  Well, after shaving the cat's butt, turns out he was already neutered and belong to her neighbor. She conspicuously released the cat back into the neighborhood and let the neighbor wonder why the heck his cat's butt was shaved. Love it! So in her free time, she also has a crafty talent and makes all sorts of things. This means I have amazing, original pieces all over my house. Here are a few: 

This is my personal favorite.....

For any of you who will be in the Starkville area, Amy will have a booth at the Cotton District Arts Festival  during Super Bulldog Weekend! She can custom make all types of pieces! These pics are just a sample of what she has done! 

Okay-that's it! Love ya sis!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Birthday Boys

This past week we celebrated Jeremie's and Manny's birthdays! Actually, since we don't know Manny's birthday, we just celebrated on the anniversary of his adoption, March 6th. This was actually the first year we celebrated a special day for Manny, which I know sounds terrible as parents. But since we don't know his birthday, we never felt obligated to a specific day. So every now & then, we'd ask Manny: "Buddy, do you want today to be your birthday? Happy Birthday Manny!!!" Although this sounds totally stupid even to me as a type, it has become a regular household joke. Personally, I think every day is like a birthday for Manny...I mean, he really lives the life of ease.  

Anyway--Jeremie kinda got the shaft last year for his birthday because we were in the middle of all the this year we had a good ole fashioned house party with his requested cookie cake (Um, there is a Nestle Toll House STORE here) and lots of gifts. Usually I get J lots of happies (for those of you who don't know this is a passed down word from my Grammy meaning "small gift") and he picks out his own big gift. This year, I prevailed and found the Miss. State baseball symbol (J's favorite logo) made out of metal/copper. He loved it! He also racked up on gift cards which I have a strong feeling will be used for manly tools. Here is the birthday boy! 

BTW, I think I got ONE piece of the cookie cake. Let's just say we have a cookie monster on our hands and it's not Manny. J was FOR REAL about that cake. He ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner.....until it was gone. I didn't even have time to take a picture of it! 

As for the little pup, he received a stuffed racoon, Pigs N' a Blanket dog treats, and Denta Sticks. (A selfish gift on our part.) After 15 minutes of squeaking, all of a sudden it stopped, and the coon's life was over. Does this dog look guilty to you? 

Notice the extracted squeaky--mission accomplished.
I can't believe we've had Manny for 3 years now! I'll never forget the day I picked him up. J actually found where the Humane Society listed him on Craigslist, and this was his photo: 

How sad is this picture???? I had actually been to two other humane societies and just didn't click with any of the dogs. The minute I walked in the kennel, I saw this little guy, took him out of the pen and told the people he was mine! And just like that, he went from a stray Craigslist puppy to this: 

And that's about all I have for this week! Happy Trails! 

*Disclaimer: I bet by now you are thinking we are those weird people that are obsessed with their dog. You are exactly right. But do I care what you think? No, I do not.  ; )