Saturday, August 11, 2012

From East to West: Hotlanta & The Big D

Last week I went to Atlanta for National Thirty-One Convention and it was FABULOUS! I couldn't believe there were over 16,000 Consultants there!  I saw every color of every style Thirty-One bag that you could ever imagine!!!  Here was the view as I walked into the arena:

The convention was very motivating, but I was most impressed with the CEO (Cindy Monroe) and her husband, who serves as the COO.  Of course they talked numbers & sales, but their main focus is running a faith-based company that encourages women to tailor their business that fits their lifestyle -- one that allows them to serve God and  their family first.  Pretty cool. I was also amazed to learn that Thirty-One is the 5th largest direct sales company in the country and the 24th largest in the world! Think about it though.....every every part of the world....loves a cute purse...right?  

I had a BALL meeting the amazing ladies on my team and others in the airport and such...ya'll know I never need a stranger. 

And this lady is pretty special...Diann, my Executive Director. 
So back here on the ranch, life is good.  We are scheduled to close on our house on THURSDAY!!! So put us on your prayer list this week that everything goes smoothly.  I am ELATED! Jeremie and I have essentially been house hunting for 3 years, so we can't wait to get settled in and really put down some roots! 

Today I went to a Jr. League meeting and I am super excited about all the fun activities and projects.  And lucky me, I have 2 sweet Mississippi friends that joined as well!!! So stay tuned for pics at the country club, and who knows...maybe we will even master Big Texas hair.

Other notes from the week:

-I don't know about everyone else, but J and I have LOVED watching the Olympics! As you could probably tell from my homemade vault video on Facebook, women's gymnastics is my ultimate favorite. I have been doing my "acknowledge the judges" move all week. I also tried a cartwheel, but I heard like 8 bones pop when I did it, so I won't be doing any more of those.  I've also really enjoyed the men's gymnastics though, because I love their stories and personalities! Love diving too! I

- Of course since we live in Dallas, we have been watching the new Dallas series. What cracks me up is the intro song, where it shows all the downtown buildings and immediately flashes to big open fields with horses and cattle, like the skyscrapers are surrounded by farms. Take it from me, it is not a short carriage ride from downtown to the country.

Well, that is about all that's going on for now.  Will update next week with hopefully a picture of a big SOLD sign!!!