Monday, June 23, 2014

29 Years and 22 Weeks

Well folks, the night has come.  I have about an hour and half left in my 20's!!!  I cannot believe that I am rounding up this decade! I feel like it has gone by very fast. It doesn't really bother me (yet) mainly because it's just been a joyful time with the baby and all.  I feel like I should be doing something special to commemorate my last night in my 20's, but frankly.....I don't feel like it! I'm happy enough in my stretchy pants watching 24 with my hubby! But wow, how different things look  heading into the 30's than the 20's. This time 10 years ago me and my roommate were just getting ready to paint the town red! In fact, here's me and Jeremie on the night of my 21st birthday.......
Now staying up past midnight seems impossible! (Sounds like I'd better tap into that college energy in about 4 months though because I'll be having' some late nights with Baby Wells). I admit, the 20's were FABULOUS....I had a blast at State, met my future husband, got married, had my first REAL job (not picking cotton or scooping poop), got married, moved to Florida, moved to Texas, bought our first house, and got pregnant! But I look forward to all the things to come in the 30's.  I told Jeremie that I was just gonna go by how many weeks I am, so that means I'm still 22......he quickly replied that would mean in 4 months I'll be we'll scratch that.

Oh well, CHEERS to a new decade!