Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bigger is Better

Whew! I am majorly behind on my posts! Between our jobs, trying to buy a house, and life in general, we've been pretty busy. Work and home buying negotiation wouldn't make for the most excited blog, so I'm devoting this blog to my sweet husband, and all you men out there who really think Bigger is Better.

Since being married, I've noticed that my husband has a "liking" if you will, for oversized stuff.

We'll start with our latest purchase, Jeremie's dream TV. Granted he's researched for a year about what kind he wanted, he finally announced one day after church that we should head to Best Buy to make the "investment". After I quizzed him if he had prayed about this, or if it just had to do a little bit with the start of college football the upcoming weekend, he assured me that he'd saved up and waited long enough. So with a twinkle in his eye like a little kid on Christmas, we bought the Big Boy. Jeremie was literally singing a little chant as we loaded it up in the truck. I have to say, I've now become ADDICTED to HD. We spent about 3 days switching it quickly back and forth from Regular to HD, and you'd think the TV had pulled a rabbit out of a hat, you should have heard the OOOOO'SSSS and AHHHH'SSS. Take a look at the difference.

Jeremie also has a regular laptop, and also a computer that he takes to clients to show them their product, all for an easier viewing experience. : ) Granted, it is nice to watch stuff on, but still cracks me up at what men can come up with.

And last but not least, what I would think is one of Jeremie's HIGHLIGHTS of the year, (besides getting married, ofcourse) is the unveiling of MSU's Jumbotron, which I like to call the TV in the Sky. Of course, since Ole Miss was building one too, we had to make our just a few feet bigger. Ha. It's pretty awesome and sometimes I find myself watching it instead of the field.

My last manly salute to my hubby is from a few weeks ago, when we went to Mississippi. The house we are hoping to buy has a little over an acre, therefore, lots of mowing to do. Jeremie's dad graciously donated their old riding lawnmower to the cause, and J would have nothing else but to go back through Richton on the way back to Tally to pick up his new toy. We arrived in Tally around 9:30 p.m. Not wanting to leave it out on the trailer, J fired it up and drove it off the trailer and THROUGH our apartment parking lot into the storage garage. Note, we pretty much live in the middle of town; it was hilarious. I'm sure our neighbors wondered what the heck was going on and appreciate the loud noise. Judging by the grin on his face, J was already happy with his new man toy.