Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dawgs Vs. Cats

Jeremie and I also traveled to Starkvegas for the Kentucky game on Halloween weekend. Great time. It was great to tailgate with Mom, Dad, Amy and Mr. & Mrs. Jones. We finally made it close enough during the Dawg Walk to high five the players & coaches. That's right, Brignone, Relf, Ballard.....and my personal favorite, Manny Diaz. Best looking, I mean, best coaching Defensive Coordinator out there. J said that I more clutched his hand than high fived it.

Notice the FOCUSED look on Mullen's face. He's the man.

Tailgating never gets old....I just love how serious SEC fans are about their tailgating....check out the "graveyard" that included tombstones of teams we beat so far......

The weekend included a big win, cheesesticks, Shipley's donuts and a trip to the lodge. Good stuff.