Tuesday, October 10, 2017

September Recap!

Happy Tuesday everyone, and for those of you in my neck of the woods, HAPPY FALL!!!!  IT'S HERE! FOR A LIMITED TIME! SO ACT FAST! Throw on your scarves, boots, and leggings and put some Taco Soup on the stove! BUT. Keep your bathing suit handy, cuz it'll be 90 on Saturday, kay? 

Anyway, I've been trying to recap September for a few days now, so let's see if I can actually finish it up!  

September was fun and hot as Hades for the most part. September is slightly better than August because school is fully back in session, there's a three-day weekend, and it seems like Fall relief is just around the corner. (Or at least we can throw some pumpkins on the front porch and try to convince ourselves of that.)  And I would say that football is back, but the Bulldogs have already thrown this season away, so I can't say I'm too invested in that anymore either. 

We kicked off September with a super fun trip to Hyatt's Lost Pines Resort in Austin. You can read all about our trip here.  It was a blast and if you're looking for the perfect family friendly getaway, this is it! 

A few days later, I ended up sitting in the audience for Good Morning Texas! This was a super fun opportunity through Dallas Moms Blog! It was a Fall Fashion show and there were LOTS of giveaways. Jewelry. Home Decor. A $400 Brahmin bag.  You know what I went home with? Some honey and plates that have flowers on them that are "portion-sized" so you know how much meat, veggies, and carbs to serve yourself. I could tell my skinny jeans didn't feel so skinny anymore, but GEEZ.  Regardless, I had a great time with these ladies and it was super fun to see what happens behind the scenes. 

That weekend, Greyson and I took off for Louisiana to go camping with my parents at Lake D'Arbonne.  It was the most beautiful park! This was Greyson's first camping trip and needless to say, it was one of his favorite adventures! He loved building and watching the campfire with Pop...

And picnic-ing for every meal. 

CC had ALL the yummiest treats and meals prepared! 
We walked in the "woods"...

And played on the docks...

And even spotted a rare Sasquach! ; ) 

My dad has quite the flare for the dramatic...he really worked this fake beard my mom found at the thrift store...
We did some antiquing in the adorable town of Farmerville and had THE BEST catfish dinner at a little joint there. Greyson's first encounter with a jukebox, and he was amazed...

We had a blast with CC and Pop and Greyson can't wait to stay in the "little house" (camper) again!

On Saturday, we headed into Ruston for the MSU/LA Tech football game! Auntie Amy and Uncle Adam met us there! This was Greyson's first football game, so I didn't really know what to expect. (Well, actually, as a well seasoned toddler-mom, I expected the worst.) But he actually did GREAT! He was super into watching the band and the football game itself.  He kept saying he wanted to go down and play "real football"....

The LA Tech fans were the most FRIENDLY fans I've ever met! The campus was beautiful and I loved the small town atmosphere! My grandfather's side is from Ruston, and my mom was born there, so for her, it's super special!

G LOVES some Auntie Amy and Uncle Adam!
And let me tell you...LA TECH holds NO BARS on their halftime show. They ran a fireworks display THE ENTIRE length of halftime that rivals any Fourth of July display I've ever seen! Talk about perfect for kids! G was loving it! 

The game started at 6:00, so he was tapped out after halftime.  I decided not to push my luck, called it a success and got the heck out of dodge.  We headed to our hotel and sacked out.  

And there's nothing better than a good hotel breakfast the next morning......

And now, my friends, along with Fall comes birthday season.  I don't know how this happened, but essentially, all of our friends have Fall birthdays, including G of course.  

Our first stop was for our sweet friend Everett, who requested to celebrate at Chuckie Cheese.  And I'll tell you, even his mom was like, "REALLY? Anywhere else?" But I admit, they put on a smashing birthday party.  Everything was taken care of, there was more than enough entertainment for the kids, and zero clean up.  And G had a downright blast. 

Call me crazy, but Chuckie might be on the birthday short list in the future.  The problem now is that Greyson remembers things and knows what Chuckie Cheese's is.  Hopefully, he doesn't discern that it's only 2 miles down the road.  

As I mentioned, MSU's football season has been a flop, but we've still enjoyed "tailgating" from home....

We call this the "Last Supper", as it was eaten during a fantastic win over LSU.  I mean LSU, people; they're legit right? And then they got beat by Troy, so now we know. And we haven't won a game since. 
We finally made it to the Plano's famous Hot Air Balloon Festival. While there were some fun kid's activities, Summer was still going strong here in late September and there was not the first slice of shade to be had. I'm pretty sure the night glow is the way to go.  ; ). 

We still had a good time....

I'm pretty sure Greyson's favorite part was meeting Miss Texas.  Heck, y'all know how I feel about pageants, so I think my favorite part was meeting Miss Texas.  Especially since the Miss America pageant had just happened two weeks before! 

That being said, I'm SUPER SAD to report that I did not host a Miss America watch party this year.  It was the Sunday we returned from Ruston, so I just couldn't swing that. I really missed adorning my friends in sashes and crowns, but I begged J to watch AND PARTICIPATE in the judging with me, and my beloved agreed. He picked out his top 15, narrowed it down after each category and everything. I'm pretty sure this was as much torture for him as it would be for me to muscle through a 2 hour "Alaska Frontier" show, but he was a great sport! 

Greyson is going through a "Costume" phase, where he changes outfits, or personas, about every 30 minutes.  We go from Monkey, to Cowboy, to Pirate, to Construction Worker, to Firefighter, all in one day!  It's quite entertaining.  

And believe it or not, this photo was not staged. He was in the monkey costume and instinctively asked for a banana.  ; ) I died.
We are slowly picking things up for Greyson's birthday party, and he requested me to take his picture with this cow piƱata. 

We made our first official trip to the pumpkin patch, and Hall's Pumpkin Farm did not disappoint. They had a corn maze, farm animals, two playgrounds, a tractor race, hay ride, and of course, pumpkins! We had never been to this one before, but we'll definitely be back! I want to go at night when all those string lights are lit up! 

We ran in to our best bud, Ford. 
I hope Greyson is down for a lifetime of cheesy photo opps with his Mom. 
And that's it for September! The end of Greyson and Jeremie's sword fight kinda wraps up how I feel about it! 

I think we're pretty much full speed ahead from now until through the holidays, but that's okay....because it's definitely my favorite time of the year!