Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Life Lately....

We've been quite busy over the past couple of weeks, and have much to catch up on! Last weekend was Father's Day, so of course we made the trip home to see our dads, also known as "Big Lee" and "Pops". Jeremie and I are both so blessed with the kind of dads that would pretty much do anything for you. The kind that move you into a new apartment a good 5-10 times in your life, air up your tires before you go on a long trip and let you keep your JUNK that you've accumulated over the past 25-30 years in their house. (I'll get to that topic again later.) Anyway, bottom line is we have some great dads, and thank God for them. (Sorry Moms, we were in Jamaica for Mother's Day. We'll tribute you next year..... wink wink.)

Also, we had the joy and blessing of attending one of Jeremie's friend, Chad's baptism. Chad was a groomsman in our wedding and Chad and him have been friends ummm....since birth, probably. The baptism took place at Chad's family's house, and our brother-in-law, Gray performed the baptism. It was beautiful and awesome to celebrate such a turning point in another Christian's life.

Sunday came all too quickly, and before going to church, we found ourselves, yet again, loading up stuff that was leftover at my parents that needed to go to Tallahassee. As I kept adding boxes to the stack, I noticed my sweet husband was getting a bitter attitude about the added inventory. With every box I picked up, he would ask me: "Now Katie, what is in there, do you really NEED that? Have you missed it over the past 6 weeks?" I not so politely told him that Lee & Carol's was not my house anymore, and I couldn't just leave my junk there just because we didn't want it to crowd OUR apartment. He innocently, but sternly replied: "Well, I just know my life has been turned upside down in the past few months, and we just have to get rid of some of this stuff." That's right, he said those exact words. The moment they came out of his mouth, he knew how WRONG it sounded. Sweetness didn't think about how I have quit a job, moved to Tally, started a new job, and got a new name, new husband, new phone number, and new address all in a matter of 3 weeks. My mom busted out laughing as Jeremie and I stared at each other wondering who would budge first. He finally agreed to just suck it up and load the car if I promise to throw away stuff once I start unpacking. Deal. Then we headed off to church, which is EXACTLY where we needed to be after such a morning. ; )

Back in Tally, Jeremie had to quickly turn around and head for Tampa on Monday morning. He was gone Monday and Tuesday night, which I didn't like at all, but took advantage of, so I could muddle through all my "junk" and turn J's life right side up, if you will. Below are before and after pics that any home improvement channel would be proud of. Before is actually how our apt. looked when we got back from the honeymoon. It has slowly evolved to the aftershot you see now.

Jeremie was shocked and loved my makeover.

The next day, Wednesday was my birthday, which was spent working and waiting on 5:00. I came home to a sweet card, and a big bag of scrapbook stuff! The ultimate gift. J knows me well. He took me to a great Cajun restaurant called Poboy's and for dessert The Melting Pot for some chocolate fondue. Wow. I think I actually scared J, because I was lapping up the chocalate like it was about to grow feet and jump off the table. It was delicious. Right before I started licking the bowl, Jeremie said it was time to go! hahahaha....We had a great time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Very Perry Wedding.....

I am no longer the newest newlywed in our group. This past weekend, our sweet friends, Mary Brown and Stan Perry tied the knot. Friday kicked off with a great bridesmaids luncheon, with food fit for a queen. Meg and I pretty much drowned everything in white gravy, while everyone else ate fruit. I got to meet the rest of Mary's family which was great.

Just like my wedding, after a nice and relaxing luncheon where we were honored, we then were slaves....haha....Just kidding, Mary, it was fun. The rest of the day was spent decorating the reception which turned out beautiful. We had just enough time to make ourselves look human again and headed to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner which was amazing! Stan's dad cooked grilled chicken, cucumber and tomato salad, stuffed zuccini, and my personal favorite, apple dumplings for desert. As you can tell, after J and I got married, I'm quickly becoming fat and happy.

Much like ours, wedding day was wide open. Interesting activities included me brushing Mary's ring with toothpaste and toothbrush (that I believe was Stan's), Emily (Mary's sister) misplacing Stan's ring, and Mary's mom slamming her arm in the door so hard we thought it was broken. We tried to hide most of the chaos from the bride as she got ready.....nothing should come between a bride and her beauty.....

But, by 6:00, bride and groom looked amazing, and the wedding went perfectly. Hopefully the guests could not hear what was going on at the alter, because between me and Mary's crying it sounded like a doctors office in flu season. I just couldn't believe it was actually Mary's wedding day. We'd talked about it almost every day for 5 months, and it was finally here. From the wrong color dresses to the wrong sized dresses to incorrect wedding invitations, Mary was definately thrown some curve balls during the wedding planning, so she deserved the best.

The reception rocked! There was a great 2 -man-band that played some awesome music, so we threw off our heels and cut a rug. (And of course ate LOTS of food.) After we got the bride distracted, Kelly & Keith Hayes, Hunter & Meg Jones, Lindsey & Alex Boggan, and my new hubby and me "adorned" their going away vehicle with balloons, ribbons, and paint on the windows to make sure everyone would know "Stan the Man" and "Mary Perry" inside were "Just Married." It was fun, but the minute I walked back in Mary gave me that look and said "Katie-Beth....what have you been up to????" Darn.....nothing gets by this redhead. They loved it and drove off looking forward to their Jamaican honeymoon.

Which I wish they would just get from already, I miss my everyday chats with my friend........

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Very Bulldog Wedding

Our wedding was absolutely amazing, and we can't believe it's already been a month ago! Jeremie proposed in front of the chapel on campus, so ofcourse we had to get married there! (Besides the fact that we are a little obsessed with MSU.) Our wedding weekend started out with a trip to Mugshots when all of our family got to town on Thursday. I was very upset because I had to watch everyone eat delicious hamburgers, while I tried to behave myself so I could fit into my wedding dress. (Don't worry, I've made up for that missed hamburger.)

Friday started out with an awesome Bridesmaids Luncheon at Three Generations Tea Room, where I saluted all my lovely bridemaids. Then I put them all to work. And I mean work. Decorating the reception (at the Palmeioro Center) even included an 8 foot ladder, staple gun, painting, and a galvanized tub. (Disguised with a beautiful tablecloth, and BAM, you have a cake stand.) After decorating, we were off to the rehearsal, which also proved to be a challenge, as we tried to fit our bridal party of 17 on the alter. Jeremie warned his groomsmen, that whoever stood closest to Jeremie better be willing to marry me, because if he split, than I WOULD marry the next man in line. I kept telling him I was GOING to marry someone in the chapel on May the 9th, whether he showed up or not! : ) The rehearsal dinner followed, which was at the M-Club. (Where else would you have your rehearsal than overlooking the football field.) The dinner was amazing and complete with a slideshow of me and Jeremie growing up, toasts from our families, and ofcouse, cowbells.

Wedding day began immediately at 6:30 a.m. when I sat straight up in bed and thought: "AGGGHHHHH!!!! IT'S MY WEDDING DAY!" It was so surreal. In one way, it felt like another day of planning because I'd been planning so long, but as I was steaming my veil a couple hours later, I felt the reality of it. While I was at the salon getting hair and makeup done, I'd have a little crying attack every 30 minutes or so. But quickly, a team of professionals (aka Bridesmaids) fanned me viciously until I pulled it together.

Jeremie also got up at the crack of dawn at 5:30 a.m. and woke his parents up to go get breakfast. (Ofcourse that's the first thing a man thinks about on his wedding day.) He continued his all day eating fest with cheesticks at the Grill as I was laboring over hair and makeup. Nice that guys don't have to spend endless hours getting ready or worry about fitting into their tux.

God cleared the rain clouds just in time for us to start pictures. Jeremie and I had agreed to see each other before the wedding in order to save time and settle nerves. (Best decison we ever made.) So the photographer set up in a pretty spot beside the chapel for just me and Jeremie to meet. I walked out of the back door of the chapel and saw Jeremie for the first time. It was amazing. Except for the part where my dress got caught in the door. Did I really think I could get through a door with 8 feet of fabric following me??? Really? After the photographer rescued me, I was able to hug my groom. Another surreal moment. Jeremie had waited for this day for so long, and here it is!

The ceremony was beautiful. Walking down the aisle with my dad was so special. As we were saying our vows, I really couldn't believe we were actually standing there getting married. It went by so quickly. And as we waited to be announced husband and wife, all of a sudden Jack Crisitl's (famous MSU announcer) voice came over the speakers and said "Let's wrap this one up in maroon and white! I now pronounce to you Mr. and Mrs. Jeremie Wells!" Jeremie and I literally shrieked with suprise and excitement. We had no idea about it, and it was incredible and one of a kind! Props to the Maid of Honor (my big sis) for such an amazing and unforgettable exit. We rang our cowbells and it was offical, we were husband and wife! We rode off in a horse and buggy to our reception where we visited with family and friends and Jeremie SMOTHERED my face with wedding cake. (Which was fine with me, it was very yummy.) BTW, it poured down rain during the reception.

God POURED his blessings out that day; I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks to all family and friends who put up with my bridezilla moments and bent over backwards to make our day special. Couldn't have done it without you.

As Jeremie and I were getting into the truck to ride off, the chapel chimes (which for some reason hadn't rang all day) sounded that it was 10:00. So romantic. As if that wasn't special enough, they continued to then play the fight song. Now, that's wrapping it up in maroon and white.

Eric Lee Photography has posted all of our wedding pictures at:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yeah Mon Honeymoon

I'm working backwards on our blog until I can get caught up, so we're on to the honeymooon.

Jeremie and I flew out of Jackson airport at 6 AM the morning after our wedding. We were exhausted. I was hungry. (But I'm always hungry.) And we were looking rough. Actually I was looking rough. Jeremie's little princess bride had transformed to a no makeup, droppy eyed, messy haired wife. May as well show him the truth early. Jeremie was the empitame of a honeymooner with his checkered shorts, polo, and cabana hat. (I hate when he shows me up.) After our Houston layover, a sausage biscuit, AND glazed donut from Shipley's (couldn't decide so just ate both) we headed to Jamaica where there are no problems, mon.....

The resort was FABULOUS. When you walked into the outdoor lounge you immediately overlooked the pool and the beach. Goregous. Our room was equally as fabulous with huge bathroom, porch and hammock.

The resort had 5 restaurants to choose from each day, all you can eat. We got appetizer, entree, and desert every meal. Breakfast was a buffet of anything and everything you'd ever think about eating for breakfast. I ate about a 1/2 pound of bacon every day. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Everyday.

There were also several activities during the day to do. Glass bottom boat, snorkling, catamaran cruise, shopping in Negril, and ofcourse J and I took part in all. We didn't sleep past 9:00 any morning. J's mindset was "Katie, why would you come Jamaica and sleep????" My silent answer was "Because I've been planning a wedding for 6 months you idiot." But I drank my coffee and was a good sport by 9:15 or so. Snorkling was quite an adventure b/c to J's disarray, I'd never been snorkling before. And he really didn't bother to ask me that until we were in the water and I treading as hard as I could with the 20 pound flippers swallowing salt water like it was candy. I had no idea how to breath out of that tube. Finally, my frustrated husband realized his sweet new wife was about to drown, and quickly instructed me I had to put the device IN my mouth to breathe out of it.......

The catamaran cruise was also adventurous; we sailed out about an hour to some caves and cliffs, and jumped of the boat to swim in the ocean. They had a huge slide that went off the catamaran and into the ocean. All us adults on the boat turned into 8 year olds again and couldn't get to the slide fast enough. Everyone loves a slide, I don't care how old you are. So we went off, I loved it, and decided to go again. The second time, I noticed my ear hit the water especially hard. That night, it felt like someone had stuck a dagger into it! Long story short, the pain continued into the next day and we ended up having to go to the doctor. Let me tell you, a doctor in Jamaica is not cheap. She diagnosed my problem as busted blood vessels and inflammed ear wall. Nice. J didn't talk to me for about twenty minutes. Especially after I told him the experience was worth it.

The remainder of the honeymoon was really relaxing, and was spent laying out, and ofcourse eating. (J wouldn't really let me do anything out of the ordinary after the slide incident.) We met some awesome couples that we enjoyed hanging out with, and took in some awesome views. It was much needed quality time and relaxation after stressful wedding planning. Jamaicans really do have no worries, and say "Yeah Mon" like every other word. It was the trip of a lifetime and made if very hard to come back to the real world.......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Ok, the second weekend of marriage for most newlyweds is probably spent sleeping late, watching TV, maybe taking a few gifts back, and really just basking in the glory of not having to plan a wedding. Not the Wells Family. Jeremie and I decided about a week ago that we needed a new hobby. Since we both love the outdoors, we quickly decided it should be camping. The next day Jeremie bought a tent, and we used some of our Wedding Wal-Mart Gift Cards for all things camping. We got lanterns, cooking supplies, bocce ball set, fan, hatchet, citronella candles, and the list goes on and on. We booked our trip at a state park about an hour away, called Torreya State Park. It appealed to us for its "majestic views" over the "mountains of Florida". (The mountains of Florida ended up kicking our butts during our 4 mile hike. Great pic, Jeremie.)

Friday after work we pulled out of my office parking lot so quick I think the tires squealed. We got to the camp and was greeted by "Ranger Howard", who told us to "look out for these little jokers" as he pointed to a picture of a Copperhead snake. I gave him a death stare, and he assured us if we stayed on the main path we should be okay. Jeremie and I quickly set up camp, with J's focus being on setting up the tent and using his new mini hatchet to make a fire, and my focus on how to make it "pretty" and when we were going to eat. I decorated with MSU tablecloths as Jeremie lit up the grill. We had sausage dogs, smores, and hit the hay. Or should I say the grass. Sleeping bags were not as cozy and romantic as I envisioned. I woke up in the middle of the night needed to go to the ladies room, which was a good 300 yard walk from the tent. As soon as I got settled back in, I felt something crawling on me and I went to swatting, hitting, and throwing my sleeping bag around. I probably smacked Jeremie in the process, and when he finally fumbled to the flashlight, we discovered there was a wasp on my pillow. Ranger Howard did not warn me about those........

The next day, we decided to take a "nice little hike" which turned into 4 miles of the steepest terrain I've ever seen. And I've hiked in Colorado. What the heck? We are in Florida. We should be at sea level right? We should have know better when the website boasted the "mountains of Florida". After we recovered from the nauseau of a tough workout (you can tell we're such athletes) we took a tour of an old plantation house in the park. Ofcourse, our friend Ranger Howard was the guide and kept using my height (or lack thereof) as an example of how short the plantation owner was. "Why were the windows so low?" "Why were the stairs so short folks?"
"Why was the desk so small?" "He was only 5'1" folks! Just like Katie!!!! hehehe" OK-WE GET IT! I'm starting to dislike Ranger Howard at this point. (He made it up to us later by giving us a jar of Tupelo honey.) We enjoyed the piece of history and moved on to other important things: Ribs, baked beans, sausage, grilled pinapple, and corn on the cobb. We Wells don't go hungry. Sleeping that night was fairly painless, mainly because we were exhausted from playing Moses that day.
The next day we packed it up and headed back to Tally. We had a great time, but I was glad to go home to our soft bed, air conditioned home, hot shower, and absence of insects.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting Adjusted

Jeremie and I have had QUITE a month. I have quit my job in Brookhaven, gotten married in Starkville, honeymooned in Jamaica, moved to Tallahassee, and started a new job.

Jeremie's bachelor pad is now a newlywed nest. I have chanaged the bedding, taken the Golden Bulldog statue off the mantel, and moved him to the guest bathroom. He might actually be adjusting more than me. : )