Friday, February 15, 2013

A Little Bit this, Little Bit of That...

Well, again, I don't have any major happening to blog about, so here's what I got:

  • Manny killed a bunny this week. We let him out one morning and I looked out the window and just saw legs and a cotton ball tail in the air. I was horrified! If it were something uglier, like a possum, I probably wouldn't have cared. But poor little Peter Cottontail???
  • I FINALLY got my hair trimmed this week, which made me feel so much better! Haven't felt pretty in about 2 months! 
  • I am READY for spring. Warm weather. Green grass. Birds chirping. Usually I love cold weather, but this year, I'm just ready to feel the sunshine!
  • Speaking of cold weather, we experienced our first snow here in Dallas a few weeks ago! It didn't really stick though.  Our Christmas tree was still in the back yard, so J propped it back up and we had ourselves a white Christmas. 

  • I also had my first Thirty-One party since all this sickness! It was nice to get back in business! So I wouldn't overdo it, my sweet hubby agreed to help....he drove me there and back and carried all my bags : )  He is a H.O.T. husband....Husband Of Thirty-One. : ) 

  • On the home improvement side, J has been quite the lighting pro and has changed out all of the outdated fans to lovely, remote controlled fans. The problem is that one remote actually reaches to all three fans in the house, so if for example, I turn the light on or off in our bedroom, it does the same in the upstairs loft & guest bedroom. I'm sure our neighbors think it's Flashdance over here or something. We also made some headway in our bedroom, so this is what we have so far: 
I still have to add some fabric to the bottom of our curtains because we hung them really high, but we are getting there! I finally got my pig painting hung...isn't it darlin?
  • We got a new leather couch!!! It is SO cozy! And I love that we can just wipe it clean and Manny's fur doesn't stick to it!! Hallelujah! We are getting rid of our old couch, chair & ottoman, which kinda makes me sad, because it was my first big purchase out of college! I was so proud of it! But I'm sure I'll cope as I nap on this one.....
  • This week we celebrated Valentine's Day! I enjoyed my lovely roses and dinner date with my favorite Valentine. 
  • Manny's New Year's resolution was to nap more. And he is fully achieving his goal.

And that's it for now! Happy Trails!