Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!!

Well, the time is here and it's no secret that I LOVE Christmas. The Monday after we returned from Thanksgiving holiday, we set up our tree. I do love that my hubby insists on a real tree. It is fun to pick out and makes the house smell great. I used to chastise my own poor mother when she began using an artificial tree. I grew up 4 miles from a Christmas tree farm so each year, my family would go "stake our claim" on the best tree on the farm each year. As we got older, it was harder to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Then one year Dad cut down a tree from our yard to serve as the Taylor Family Tree. Well, trees look much smaller in the outdoors, but when we brought it in, it was probably 19 feet tall. So we had to cut some of the top off, which resembled more of a Christmas bush than a tree. So my mom finally resolved to the fact that that a 1-2-3-TREE was the way to go, and at times I don't blame her.

Since I had a Christmas shower before we got married, I was already hooked up with all things Christmas. I LOVE getting all this stuff out, and believe it or not, for those of you out there....I remember what you gave me, so thank you!

This weekend we went to an event called Camillia Christmas in Maclay Gardens, which is a park here in town. It is beautiful with the enormous live oaks lazily hanging down the paths that were lined with candles. They served hot apple cider and had carolers. The you ride back to where you parked on a trolley and all the kids in our trolley broke out singing Christmas carols. Adorable.

Saturday I went to a Christmas tea sponsored by the ladies ministry at our church, which was incredible. Hung out with some special friends and heard a great speaker who really put things in perspective about Christmas.

Disclaimer: Mary & Meg-no, you have not been replaced. It's just a coincidence that I have a red headed and blonde friend here in Tally!

Saturday night was a Christmas party at our friends John & Susie's and the theme was COOKIES. Yes. My kind of party. Everyone brought a different kind of cookie so I gained approximately 12 pounds.

I just love this time of the year and what it means. I do love the parties, decorations, and all the hoop-la, but the feeling of JOY seems contagious this time of year. What more to celebrate that God sent HIS son to dwell among us and teach us His ways.