Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Newlywed Reunion

A few weeks ago, Jeremie and I headed down to St. Augustine, a town we were looking forward to visiting ever since J moved to Tally. Since we are big history buffs, the Nation's Oldest City was definately on the list of things to do.

To give you some background: While on our honeymoon, we were headed out for a snorkeling trip and a spotted a guy with a shirt that had a Nintendo-esk picture of a bride and groom on it that said "Game Over". Jeremie and I though it was hilarious, and we got to talking to the fellow and his new wife, who had gotten married the same day as us. Low and behold, we were all the way in Negril Jamaica, and our new friends, Bart and Jennifer, were from St. Augustine. We had a great time hanging out in Negril and agreed to visit each other in Florida.

So we took them up on that offer a couple weeks ago and headed down there. My dear friends that have only my best interest at heart, were a little questionable that we were going to spend the whole weekend with people we'd only "met for a few days". They asked "What if they're crazy???" "They could be on America's Most Wanted for all you know!" The funny thing was that Bart & Jennifer's friends were asking them the same thing! I just laughed and assured everyone that these were the type of folks you meet and feel like you've known forever.

After delicious banana pancakes, Bart & Jennifer gave us a great tour of the town. We visited the old fort, which was amazing, and walked around the AWESOME market downtown. We also visited where they got married, and must I even say, we ate like kings and queens. (Bart & Jenn share our love for food.) We had a blast and I don't think there was a silent minute between the four of us, other than when we were sleeping. They are such a fun couple. Below are some of our pics from the trip.