Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things Got a Little Squirrely.....

This was an email to Meg and Mary, but they got such a kick out of it, they insisted I post it. Pretty good story from a couple weekends ago:

J found a baby squirrel in our wood pile Friday night before our guests arrived. He’s pumped. (Actually, I think he was just trying to get me pumped, b/c a few minutes later he told me he broke a piece of my Vietri china.) He puts the squirrel in a box with a towel and puts the box on the dinner table. That’s right, rodent on the dinner table. Jenn and Bart cautiously asked if we were having roasted squirrel.

Anyway, after dinner, J and Bart decide they want to rig up a pen for the squirrel to play in. So they get our mesh net hamper turn it upside down and DUCK TAPE it to the box. Everyone knows a squirrel can chew through mesh, but the boys didn’t listen to me and Jenn.

The new pen is put in our bedroom. Later, the boys go in there to give him some milk and cut a “trap door” (sounds so McGuyver) and low and behold, Houdini, (what we named the squirrel afterwards) had disappeared. So they shut the door to the bedroom and we hear banging and running like a bull in a china cabinet. Just like the Chevy Chase movie. They are successful and catch the squirrel. Scared the poop out of it. Literally.

Like boys that haven’t learned their lesson, they put him BACK in the box, but reinforce it with more duck tape. Before we all go to bed, we check on Houdini, and as J is looking for him, I see the little rodent run across my closet!!! J pushes me out of the bedroom, shuts the door, and him and Bart go to work again. Successful. (I’m gonna really see how good he is in a greased pig contest one day.) Jenn and I are cracking up.

The boys are disappointed with their rigged up pen and go downstairs. We hear more banging and drilling. They come back with one of my nice blue storage tubs that now has drilled “airholes” in it and a real “trap door”. Houdini is now challenged.

Houdini is also nocturnal. In the middle of the night, I wake up to LOUD scratching, and squirrel barking, if you will. I was ticked, and very afraid that J’s rigged storage tub would not be successful and I was going to wake up to a squirrel in my pajamas later in the evening. Luckily he didn’t get out.

Not so luckily, Houdini didn’t make it through the weekend. We don’t know if he was sick already or what, but bottom line is J and I already killed our first pet.

Don’t think we’re ready for kids.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Very MARRIED Christmas

Christmas season as newlyweds has been so much fun for us! I LOVE Christmas and couldn't wait to get all my stuff out to decorate. Of course, the first adornment had to be the tree. Which MUST be real. Jeremie believes fake Christmas trees are a sin. So we headed to a plant nursery here in town, where we strategically chose our first tree, I stole some branches for decorating, and off we were, just like Chevy Chase with it tied to the truck.

The living area of our new place is actually on the 2nd floor, so the two of us lugging a very full 7 foot Frasier Fur up the stairs was quite entertaining. I decorated, and Jeremie watched, informing me of places I missed, that looked like they needed an ornament. : ) He actually got in the Christmas spirit and decorated the balcony while giving me a great rendition of Jingle Bell Rock. Here is our work of art.

And here is Jeremie in the Christmas Spirit.

Not really sure where he got the idea to pair a Cabana hat with a Wyatt Earp scarf. He always keeps me entertained.

Jeremie's parents also visited in December, just in time for the Victorian Christmas Night in Thomasville, which is a really charming town about 30 minutes from here. Now these people love Christmas. They shut down the entire downtown and have carriage rides, a live nativity, carolers, fake snow, and of course, lots of food. We had a blast.

BTW, this was the Snow Princess in the rug shop in town.....I hope she's ready to relinquish her place on top of the Rug Mountain, because I think I want to be the Snow Princess next year......beware honey....

The next day we took them to the Tallahassee Car Museum, which should really be called the Hobby Museum, because they had a collection of every topic you'd ever imagine. It was so cool. There was everything from the first Model T off the assembly line to the Batman car used in one of the movies. It was like stepping back in time, literally; they even had a car like the one from Back to the Future!! We had a great time. It was great to have Cate and Mitch at our new home!

Christmas came around quickly, and we headed back to MS. We were able to spend lots of time with our families: breakfast in pajamas at Jeremie's grandparent's and traditional lunch with my family at Grammy and Big Jack's. The next night we had my mom's second annual "Souper Saturday" where I got to see my dad's side of the family. (And load up on about 7 different types of soups..hey, it's Christmas.)

The holidays makes us thankful for our loving families, good health, and God's grace. He's been so good to us, and we look forward to what he leads us to in the new year.

Thanksgiving Menu: Roasted Rebels and Golden Eggs

In the nick of time, we started moving into our new place on a Saturday and left to go home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday night. I would hardly call it "moving", more like "dumping". With twice the stuff, and half the help, moving was quite exhausting. We did con some friends of ours, the Christmas family, to help. We promised them food. Works every time. Don't know what we would've done without them.

Anyway, we managed to scramble up enough clean clothes to visit our families, who hosted the first cooked meal we'd had on real plates in a week. Very nice. I was GREAT to see our families and be back home for a few days.

With our new head coach (Dan the Man), and over-rated Ole Miss season, there was no way we were going to miss the Egg Bowl, clean clothes or not, so we squeezed in a quick trip to Starkville. Mom and Dad joined, which was a lot of fun.

If anyone missed it, the Dawgs MAN HANDLED the Rebels in a 41-27 victory. It was awesome. The cowbells thundered as Mullen assured everyone which " only Mississippi team on the rise" is. We loved it. Go Dawgs.