Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Birthday Boy!

We celebrated Mr. Well's birthday on February 28th!!! As usual, J does not ask for pomp and circumstance....he would much rather get away to the middle of nowhere! So that we did! I was happy to oblige. We found a great cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma which was pet friendly and about 3 hours away we went!!! 

The name of our cabin was "Whisperwind" was so cozy and cute! 

There was a huge state park down the road, so we went hiking. Of course, the trail we chose was STRAIGHT up a mountain. But the view was worth it. Manny had a grand time.

Manny always loves to jump in water.....he saw the river below and was about to pull a Geronimo on us, so we quickly snapped on the leash. I don't think his depth perception was working here.....

We also rode an adorable little steam engine through the woods with all the other 3 year olds....but hey, we had a great time.

Jeremie put all his manly man skills to work and built us a bonfire in the fire pit each night and grilled us up some fantastic birthday dinners!  We may be in the woods...but we will not go hungry.

And each year.....Sweetness requests his cookie cake....but it MUST be from "the place in the mall". I really think that 3 cans of rolled out Pillsbury cookie dough would do the same thing, but he's the birthday boy......

We had a great time on our getaway.  I have never been to Oklahoma, so I can check that one off the list.  Always a great time to see something new and get away with my little family!