Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 8...ISH...

I feel like I'm behind on my Summer O Fun posts, but honestly, the weeks are getting a little fuzzy and running together. The shiny-ness of the bucket list is fading. And it's getting HOT IN TEXAS people.
Week 8 did offer a little reprieve since Greyson was in VBS for three days from 9-12. The time passed quickly, but I did squeeze in some power cleaning, a trip to Marshalls, and some relaxing time at my new favorite coffee shop in Plano.
I also hit up the Toms Warehouse Sale which was so much fun!
These wedges single-handedly made me ready for Fall.
He didn't want to leave the buggy at the church! NEITHER DID I.
Jeremie stayed home that Friday to hang out with the fam and it STORMED that morning. I personally stayed in my pj's till noon while Jeremie put together a train set that Greyson got for Christmas. We were hiding it in the attic for a rainy day.

Super curious about how we're gonna break this down so I can sweep the floor run the Roomba.
Fortunately the sun came out that afternoon so we could attend the Grand Opening of the Dairy Queen that opened around the corner.  A "Dairy Queen Date" was on the official bucket list.
We've been using the waffle maker a lot around here, so I figured I'd try my hand at the food faces. Who have I become. It was pretty cute. I should have done some Redi-Whip for hair. Dang.
On Saturday Jeremie helped us check another activity off our bucket list. We hit up the Frisco Commons, which has a splash pad and ADORABLE PARK. The splash pad was good, but our favorite is STILL Campbell-Green Park. 

BUT "Hope Park" is the CUTEST PARK I've ever seen. It's got a "Tot Lot" for the really little toddlers, a medium sized area for preschoolers, and then another play area for the big kids. It was super hot, but when the weather cools down, we'll definitely be here a lot!

And I'm pretty sure this didn't happen in Week 8, but I never posted the pics from when we made cupcakes. This was also on the bucket list and Greyson really liked it! And we definitely didn't mind licking from the bowl. ; )

If you're wondering, I plan to officially end the "Summer O Fun" on Friday, August 19th. That's the day of Greyson's open house (he goes to school one day a week), and I feel like I'll just be in back to school mode at that point. That also means that college football will begin the next Thursday night, and even though it'll still be 120 degrees in Texas for another month, football season means it's fall, right? Does that mean I can wear my wedges and burn the Pumpkin candle?

We have several things left on our list to squeeze into 3 1/2 weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing what all we manage to check off and what gets moved to next summer......

Sunday, July 24, 2016

P.S. This is Austin

My big 21st birthday (hehe) was back in June. I only requested an Ice Cream cake, which Jeremie delivered on. But he also super surprised me with a card announcing that I should pack my bags for a four night getaway for the next weekend to Austin, TX! Ya'll, I cried. CRIED TEARS OF JOY. I'm sure in Jeremie's head he was saying "Nailed it!" (Or maybe "My wife has too many hormones.")Hopefully, in the near future I can expand on why and how our lives have been a bit of a three ring circus lately, but let's just say that The Wells needed a little getaway.
We packed our bags, headed south, had the obligatory directional/GPS argument and finally arrived at the fabulous Omni Barton Creek. We immediately headed to the pool and Greyson seemed to be happy with the accommodations.
We ordered food from the cabaƱa and literally ate our supper on the chase lounges by the pool. Yes, please, and thank you. No clean up, no loading the dishwasher, no picking up toys. No throwing a load of clothes in the wash..... you get it.
Our room had a completely separate living area with a TV, so we put Lil G down in the bedroom, closed the door, and watched Friday Night Lights. Score.
The next day we did venture out to Zilker Park, which many friends had suggested. They had the neatest natural pool, playground, and a train ride that went around the entire park with awesome views of downtown Austin. Extra points with the toddler for the train ride.




Afterwards, we headed to the South Congress area, which was recommended by a local. OMG, this area was DARLING! So fun! There were so many restaurants, food trucks, and neat little shops.
We ended up eating at Guero's, which was probably the best Mexican food we've ever had. Greyson loved the goldfish pond.
I can't remember which night, but one night Jeremie spotted a two man band downstairs in the bar, so we felt like Greyson had to see it. He loves to shake his little tush. Luckily, we weren't the only people who brought their children to the bar. This darling little blonde pulled Greyson on the dance floor and they cut a rug. There may or may not have been a little post-dance kiss on the cheek. #greysonsfirstkiss #backawayblondie #heisstillmamasbaby

The Omni was gorgeous, super family friendly, and had everything we needed. They had a toddler pool, family movie times during the day, a playground, putt putt golf, a nature trail, and actually very affordable poolside food and roomservice. Which we did two nights. Nothing like someone rolling your dinner in and rolling it out. They even had a great childcare service which we used for a couple hours one day and had some toddler free time at the pool.

Since it was the Fourth of July weekend, the resort even had it's own huge celebration and fireworks show. We decided to roll the dice and wake Greyson up for the fireworks. (They were at 9:15 and he goes to bed around 6:30.) He was a trooper and after a couple of minutes he was shouting "BOOM!"

My heart was about to explode like the fireworks as I sat there with my little guy and my "big" guy. Memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Narci and Erika today for Friday Favorites! Grab the graphic and join us! 

1) Mama Time: This week Greyson was signed up for a mini-Mother's Day Out on Tuesday-Thursday mornings. And oh my stars, it was a nice little break. Lawd have mercy, the Summer O Fun was about to slip into the Summer O Done. So it gave me the boost I needed. One day I did come home and do a few hours of power cleaning. So the other two days I played, shopped, and relaxed at the most darling little coffeehouse in Downtown Plano. I realize that there are many mamas out there (many are my friends, actually) that seem to NEVER get a break. So please don't think I take this for granted.

2) During said "Mama Time", I hit up the TOMS Warehouse Sale going on this week in Dallas! It was awesome! I love TOMS even though my BFF Meg is convinced that they look like prison issued shoes. It was crazy crowded, like a Black Friday situation, but totally worth it since I made it there early! They only give you 45 minutes to shop, but it was easy because everything is organized by size. 

If you go here's my tips: 
-Go childless if possible. 
-Get there as soon as the doors open, if possible.
-Try everything on cuz TOMS sizing is weird.
-Don't try to make this a girlfriend date, because it's not a casual sip, shop, and model shoes for each other situation. I never even saw my friend Shelley who I was supposed to meet up with!

I scored these darling wedges and sandals for a total of $50!!!! 

3) Christmas in July-Jeremie took the day off today and stayed home with us. We had big plans to hit the splash pad, but it was STORMING this morning. So J went in the attic and pulled down this huge train set and a toy boat that Greyson had received for Christmas. (I'm gonna be honest and say my first thought was AWESOME, MORE PIECES.) Greyson got SO MANY toys that we stashed some away....for a rainy day! This provided us with a whole morning of play! I think G was getting kinda tired of the same toys anyway, so this was a great idea.  Now I'm thinking might have to do this every year! 

4) The NEW and IMPROVED Dairy Queen: Or "DQ" as they are re-branding themselves. They built a new one right around the corner from us and I've been SO EXCITED about the Grand Opening. My Grammy used to treat us to Blizzards (my fav is Oreo), so they remind me so much of her. And during our livestock days, we'd go to the one near the fairgrounds and split a chicken basket. So maybe I'm a little emotionally attached. Nevertheless, my neighbor was equally excited; we've pretty much been texting every day about our Blizzards. So arrived with the rest of Plano for the Grand Opening today and it was enjoyed by all. 

5) Favorite pic of the week: Earlier in the week we took cupcakes to the Fire Dept. and they gave G this hat......that he has barely taken off since! He was watering the grass and just looked too cute with that firefighter hat and water hose! 

Now I'm ending my Friday with a little Netflix binging with my hubby......our newest addiction is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Football. Texas. And lots of drama. Doesn't get any better than that people!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 7

Summer O Fun continued last week in spite of a horrible sinus infection that I brought home from vacation. At this point, I guess the Summer O Fun goes on whether we like it or not. 

So Tuesday, Mr. Tinypants accompanied me to the doctor. Have you ever taken a child to your own doctor appointment? It's not what it used to be. Usually, I halfway enjoy going to the doctor because it's an excuse to ask Jeremie to watch Greyson and I can lay on the examine table and nap until the doctor comes in. At those times, the doctor can take ALL THE TIME SHE WANTS. Now I'm blowing up latex gloves and letting Greyson play with the model body parts (on this visit it was a vein) and letting him put his snack in the Urine Collection Container because YES. That's where the raisins just HAD to go.

On Wednesday I still wasn't 100% so we hit up Playstreet because it's a guaranteed place where G can wear himself out and I can just sit there and watch. 

I found him in one of the "camp houses" laid out on the cot. 

I feel ya buddy. 

I was still struggling on Thursday, so we tried a new indoor play place called The Coop. It was darling and had a fun ball pit with a slide and a great area play area for the little toddlers. G had a big time on the light up dance floor. We had a great time and will definitely be back.

My very own rhinestone cowboy.
He tried his hand a break dancing.
Friday our neighbors had us over for a pizza party so we wheeled down and had a big time. They have a little boy about a year older than Greyson so we (adults included) had a water balloon fight. They are great and it's nice to have friends so close.

Mr. Cool.
This week we also took some cupcakes to the Fire Dept. The Police Department is inundated with people bringing stuff right now, and we still owed the Fire Dept. a big THANK YOU. They remembered our fire (one actually mentioned grabbing the milk out of the fridge...little embarrassing) but they loved Greyson and let him play on the fire engine.  He hasn't stopped wearing the hat they gave him. 

Jeremie participated in his own Summer O Fun activities and took G to Cabela's on Sunday. That's their manly activity they do together. Greyson loves to play on the boats and ATV's. 

Doesn't he look SO BIG here? What happened to my baby?
That's it for Week 7! Next week we're off to Mississippi for some fun EAST of the river!