Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bump That: Weeks 29 to 36

Whew!!!!  I can't believe we are so far along!!! Here is how "The Bump" is progressing:

Week 29

This week I was in fully nesting mode! Organized the laundry room and washed most of Greyson's clothes which was super fun!
Week 30

We kicked off our 10 week countdown with a sonogram! It had been 10 weeks since we'd seen Greyson and he had obviously grown quite a bit! In fact, he was so much bigger, we didn't get as good pictures as we did for the 20 week sonogram! We went to our birthing class this week which was very......informative.....
Week 31-This week was crazy: I was busy and J was out of town, so belly picture did not get taken! 

Week 32 

Nursery reno began this week! Super fun to get his room ready! 
Week 33

Ooops!!! Wore the same dress for bump pics!  
Week 34

Not much to report this week other than catching a nasty cold! 
Week 35

Nasty cold continued.....I was not happy about having my picture taken, but didn't want to skip a week! 
Week 36

Feeling better and on our way to our Dallas shower in this picture. The shower was a tailgate theme, right up our alley! We had a blast! 
If everything goes as scheduled......only 4 bump pictures remaining!!!