Monday, December 21, 2015


By no means am I an OCD person, NOR do I keep up with this blog faithfully, but I feel like I just can't move on to blogging about December until I cover November.  We were busy people, but not nearly as CRAY as October. Here's run down......

We had our 12 month appointment complete with a big ole set of shots. He screamed like a banshee. Chunky Monkey weighed 20 pounds. (Now that he's been eating tablefood, I'm pretty sure he's gained 10 since this day.) He's only in the 35th percentile for height, but let's face it, I didn't marry Labron James. (And I don't offer much in that area.) I just couldn't believe we were at our 12 MONTH appointment! I felt like we'd just been there for his 2 DAY appointment with my sweet little 6 pound baby. This time G ripped the table paper to SHREDS and almost knocked over the big exam mirror on the wall. 

November 13th marked one year since the house fire. It was INSANE to think about much our world was turned upside down 365 days ago and how far we've come since then. All I can say is Praise the Lord. I should try to write an entire entry on what He has taught me about His faithfulness in those 365 days, but honestly, I don't know if I could put it into words that would make sense! 

We DID get our gas logs just in time for the one year anniversary and lit a celebratory fire! 

Greyson and I did some Christmas shopping.......

Greyson also cut his upper molars. And folks, it was BRUTAL. He ran a high fever for 3 days and was so pitiful, fussy, inconsolable. Thank the Lord for Baby Einstein videos.

And this one's just for your viewing pleasure.......

And at the end of the month, we headed to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. On the way home, J suggested stopping at the Bass Pro Shop so G could "run around" and get out some energy. Right. You know how much I believe that? 

J is already doing hunter education with Greyson. 

And boating safety. J daydreams about one day having a boat. In fact, he's always called my engagement ring "the boat" it was his "boat money".....but let's be honest, if he would've bought a boat instead of a ring.....he'd be riding solo...... ; )  #popthequestionalready

We enjoyed 2 Thanksgiving meals with our families, left Mr. Fancypants with the inlaws, and headed to Starkvegas for the Egg Bowl. This was our first overnight together without a baby! We hit up all our favorites including The Grill, Anthony's, and The Lodge. Anthony's was our favorite date night place when we were in school and where we went after J proposed! We always eat in a little corner booth by the window. 

We also snooped around and toured the new addition to the stadium called The Gridiron. 

Even though the score didn't result in Bulldawg favor, we had a BLAST! 

Being on campus is just magical for me and Jeremie.

And meanwhile.........the inlaws SPOILED my child rotten. He's in there somewhere. 

And as far as I was concerned, the second Thanksgiving was over, it was time for Christmas! We hit up the Arboretum with our friends Nicole and Hagen to see the big tree. I can't say enough about the arboretum. I'm shamelessly obsessed! There's so much to do!

Say CHEESE!!!!

So that was November folks! One more month in 2015!!!!!