Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beach Babes

So back in 1994 July, me and "The Girls" counterparts, Mary Perry and Meg Jones went to the beach for our 11 year anniversary to Orange Beach.  We were supposed to go on a trip for our 10 year anniversary....but somebody got pregnant. They left their babes with their mams, and since I wasn't sure if my little munchkin would still be nursing when we booked the trip, MY MAMAS (both biological and by marriage) came WITH me! It didn't take a lot of convincing before they booked their own condo across the parking lot and offered to babysit Lil G. Seriously, these ladies are the best!!! (And fortunately, Mr. Greyson WAS weaned by the time we went on the trip, but I still visited him a few minutes each day, 'cause I missed him so much!

Anyway, me and The Girls had a BLAST. In true form, Meg showed up with good bags for us with matching monogrammed pajama pants, huggies, and plastic cups. And I thought I was doing good by bringing some koozies that still had the price tag on them.

This was Aunt Mary's first time to meet Greyson. I think he was a little frightened by our enthusiasm. Oh yea, and Greyson's shirt was a product of Aunt Meggie too.
Our trip looked a little different than the last time we were in Orange Beach together for me and Mary's joint Bachelorette Party! Our schedule was usually: Beach, Dinner, and pajamas by 9:30. On a rainy day, we got really crazy and went to a movie in the middle of the day. Wild women I know. But we had a BLAST just being together, catching up, laughing, crying. telling stories, reminiscing. In the last 11 years, the three of us have been through almost everything together. College Adventure. Falling in love. Heartbreak. Getting married. Loss. Gain. Moving. Emotional breakdowns. Valleys. Mountaintops. Moving. Job changes. Moving. Babies. Have I mentioned moving? 

I just couldn't do life without these two and can't wait to see what our years ahead hold!

Yes, our first stop after a nice dinner the first night was.....Wal-Mart. And we rocked it.
What's a vacation without powdered donuts???  DUH.

Dinner at our favorite: Louisiana Lagniappe!
Dessert on the docks!

And back at the Grandmothers' Inn.............

Honestly, I'm certain they had just as much fun as me!  

Even Judah came by to join the party for a little while!  Sweet cousins.
I did sneak away a few times and visit my little beach babe........