Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Very Perry Wedding.....

I am no longer the newest newlywed in our group. This past weekend, our sweet friends, Mary Brown and Stan Perry tied the knot. Friday kicked off with a great bridesmaids luncheon, with food fit for a queen. Meg and I pretty much drowned everything in white gravy, while everyone else ate fruit. I got to meet the rest of Mary's family which was great.

Just like my wedding, after a nice and relaxing luncheon where we were honored, we then were slaves....haha....Just kidding, Mary, it was fun. The rest of the day was spent decorating the reception which turned out beautiful. We had just enough time to make ourselves look human again and headed to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner which was amazing! Stan's dad cooked grilled chicken, cucumber and tomato salad, stuffed zuccini, and my personal favorite, apple dumplings for desert. As you can tell, after J and I got married, I'm quickly becoming fat and happy.

Much like ours, wedding day was wide open. Interesting activities included me brushing Mary's ring with toothpaste and toothbrush (that I believe was Stan's), Emily (Mary's sister) misplacing Stan's ring, and Mary's mom slamming her arm in the door so hard we thought it was broken. We tried to hide most of the chaos from the bride as she got ready.....nothing should come between a bride and her beauty.....

But, by 6:00, bride and groom looked amazing, and the wedding went perfectly. Hopefully the guests could not hear what was going on at the alter, because between me and Mary's crying it sounded like a doctors office in flu season. I just couldn't believe it was actually Mary's wedding day. We'd talked about it almost every day for 5 months, and it was finally here. From the wrong color dresses to the wrong sized dresses to incorrect wedding invitations, Mary was definately thrown some curve balls during the wedding planning, so she deserved the best.

The reception rocked! There was a great 2 -man-band that played some awesome music, so we threw off our heels and cut a rug. (And of course ate LOTS of food.) After we got the bride distracted, Kelly & Keith Hayes, Hunter & Meg Jones, Lindsey & Alex Boggan, and my new hubby and me "adorned" their going away vehicle with balloons, ribbons, and paint on the windows to make sure everyone would know "Stan the Man" and "Mary Perry" inside were "Just Married." It was fun, but the minute I walked back in Mary gave me that look and said "Katie-Beth....what have you been up to????" Darn.....nothing gets by this redhead. They loved it and drove off looking forward to their Jamaican honeymoon.

Which I wish they would just get from already, I miss my everyday chats with my friend........

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