Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Gobbler at our Roost....

So J and I had a pretty excited morning today. J got up about 7:30 to take Manny out, and came back to bed, where I was already starting Part 2 of sleeping in. (We typically get up about 8:30 or 9:00 for church.) We sleep with the windows open when it is cool, and about 2 minutes after trying to go back to sleep, we both hear a turkey gobble outside and immediately sit up in bed and give each other the "Did you HEAR THAT?" look. We both agreed it was time to go hunting, so we hurriedly threw some camo on, each grab a gun, and headed out the door. We sat down about 100 yards from the house, and within about 20 minutes, here comes the gobbler. Too far for me to shoot though. So the bird roamed around towards where J was, but too far from him as well. (He did execute a Rambo-esque crawl on the ground to try to get to the turkey, which I could tell made him feel so manly man) We got back together, re-situated (moved closer, but I didn't crawl) and J started calling again. The turkey came right in front of me, so I took a shot. Turkey flew off. No, that's not supposed to happen. Yes, I missed. I'm admitting it on this blog, so please do not ask how I missed or taunt me about this. J has taken well-care of that today.

Nevertheless, we had a great time and J was thrilled since he's really never called up a turkey before. (I think he also enjoyed wearing his new fancy turkey vest and using his calls. It's like how I feel when I sport a new purse.)

We also think it's incredible that we live somewhere that we can hear a turkey gobble while we're laying in bed.....and walk out the door to hunt....!!! Who gets to do that?

And to think my dad is about to drive 12 hours to Missouri for turkey hunting.......

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