Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Okay-So I realize this is my 3rd Post about Christmas, I'm getting there......

Another fun even we went to was the Lawnmower Parade in Havana, which is a small quaint little town about 10 minutes away. It was HILARIOUS. There was a band, arts & crafts booths, and the main feature was the parade. The parade solely consisted of lawnmowers & golf carts, which, mind you, were judged SEPARATELY. As you can see, some people went all out and others...well I think just pulled out of the yard, threw some tinsel on the ole Snapper, and headed to town. : )

Manny had a good time in Havana, and if it were up to him, he would have been in the parade. The more attention the better.

Anyway, Christmas was fabulous. We were blessed to have a few days with our families to catch up and have some real quality time. Hunting with Dad, shopping with mom, and lots of time by the fire made it complete. My dad makes the best fires and my mom makes the best taco soup, so you see why we love going home. : )

Below: Jeremie and I on Christmas Day-how appropriate. I have on pink MSUgetup and J has on flannel pajama pants that have bulldogs on them and say "Bah Humbug."

Other family fun.......

And what is Christmas Day without a nap?.......

So one of my goals while I was home was to clean out my closet. I spent 16 wonderful years in the pink room on Luther Carter Road. Therefore, there was still "debris" left in the closet from my childhood, and I was getting a strong feeling that Mom & Dad had better plans for the extra space. Cleaning out a closet sounds about as boring as watching paint dry, but honestly, it was a blast. Mom sat on the bed and watched the fun. I found SO MUCH STUFF from my childhood. Let's just say I had a thing for stuffed animals and had a large BIN full of any species you could think of. Cows. Sheep. Cats. Penguins. Sharks. Gophers. Giraffes. Squirrels. Donkeys. Polar bears. Moose. If that isn't sad enough, I remembered most of their names and where each animal came from. The most special was finding Simba, who was my favorite and went everywhere with me. He is now at Jeremie's parents' house making friends with his favorite childhood stuffed animal, Monkeyshine.

The picture below is just a select few that I could fit in my arms. I also want to point out the unicorn poster, porcelain doll, and china for my "hope chest" in the background. My room was the traditional girl's room. It was pretty fun taking a step back in time.

I was pretty sad that Christmas was over and it was time to take down all the pretty decorations.....Till next year.

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