Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Jeremie and I stayed in Tally for Easter since he was on call.  We missed being with our families, but it was still a special weekend and I tried to make it the traditional Easter with a big meal and Easter baskets.  (Set out on the hearth, just like my Mama did every year!)  Friday night was the Good Friday service at our church which was amazing.   They had a large table in the middle of the sanctuary with the Lord's Supper laid out.  It was a great time of prayer and preparation for the Easter weekend.  Sunday morning service was equally amazing but different atmosphere.....Warren (our worship leader) was ROCKIN' usual....and David gave an awesome sermon about the meaning and significance of the veil being torn by Jesus' death on the cross.  I'm not well versed enough to expand on how incredible this message was...but you can listen to it at I forced Jeremie to take pics when we got home from church..he looked so handsome in his suit and my FAVORITE pink shirt of his.  When I told him how good he looked, he returned the compliment with...."You look the risen sun".....that was the quickest comparison he could make in regards to the orange in my dress.....then we realized the irony that it was this comment was not to be confused with "The Risen Son"....we laughed all the way to church. 

Manny was even dressed up in his new Springtime handkerchief. This is his friend Tom.....

The Easter meal menu consisted of: 
Pork loin, butter beans, mac and cheese, cornbread dressing salad, creamed spinach and sweet tea. : )  

Dessert was Mandarin Orange cake which is Jeremie's favorite that his Grandmother makes.  I had to call her to get the correct recipe and it turned out good.  Even Manny got a lick off the spatuala.  Which came back to haunt us later.   

It was a great Easter holiday with our little family.....

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  1. oh precious!! what about your other story yelling at the people walking?