Monday, April 16, 2012

A Texas-Sized Post: Part 1

Well, howdy folks. Life has finally slowed down now that we are settled in, and I feel like I'm way behind in blogging.  Mostly because I feel like I didn't do this big move justice so I'm going to rewind about 3 weeks.....

Departing Tally was REALLY tough.  The weekend before we moved was heart-wrenching. A group of our friends threw a St. Patrick's Day party which also served as a going away party.  We were showered with cards, a beautiful bromeliad, and tears.  : (  These were some of our first friends in Tallahassee, so they are quite special.  Miss this crew SO MUCH.

The waterworks continued the next day at our last Sunday to attend at Celebration.  I just couldn't control myself during the worship time.  Afterwards, we said goodbye to our pastor, who prayed over us, and our Sunday school class did the same.  Oh my gosh, I cried a river. Celebration has meant so much to us and helped us grow in so many ways in the last 3 years.  There are just no words to describe it; the relationships and experiences there will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Sunday afternoon is actually when I started getting sick, so the stomach virus kept my mind off the move for a good 48 hours. Then Wednesday, the packers showed up and our house turned into a maze of boxes.
The next day was quite emotional. The dreaded moving truck showed up to pack all those boxes, making our house feel so empty!  

I left the chaos and had a fabulous good-bye lunch some of my best girls-these ladies have been my rock the last couple of years.  LOVE YOU GIRLS.

I was hoping that while I was at lunch I missed the moving truck actually pulling away......well, I ALMOST did...but unfortunately I passed the truck coming out of our driveway and just lost it.  Luckily, J was still standing outside to intercede....bless him.  As worn out as we were, we decided to stay one more night in our empty house, so we ordered pizza, took one last walk around the pond, and got a good night's sleep. 

Fast forward our arrival in Dallas. As I wrote in an earlier post, we lived the hotel life for a few days until the first half of our stuff arrived. Although we were quite thankful for getting even half our stuff, this half lacked any of our couches, chairs, or summer clothes.  So we tailgated for about a week and went through the first half of the boxes.  About the time we got through the first set of boxes, the second set arrived several days later. I have never seen so much packing paper in my life.....I could've body surfed on it...

I have to put a plug in for our movers though.  They made what would typically be a miserable task so much fun.  One of them was married to Beyonce's cousin, and the other two were a married dynamic duo that actually filmed for a reality show called "Mother Trucker", which is about life on the road as a truck driver.  They were absolutely amazing AND hilarious. We told them they have to plan to come back through Dallas next time we move. 

There are still some lingering things to do, but hey, it's livable. And since we only have a 6 month lease on this house, we aren't fully decorating.  In fact, we kept all the boxes and packing paper for our next move...they are strategically stacked in what we call "The Room of Boxes."

So....after SEVERAL days of unpacking, I am HAPPY to post the "after" pics. 

My personal favorite part of the house...the Master Bath...separate sinks and a HUGE tub.

I still can't post any pictures of the front because we have some yardwork to do.  : )  

I admit, even though we aren't living on 500+ acres anymore, we got lucky and still have some great views from our dining room window.  : )  

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