Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home. Sweet. Home.

So we are FINALLY moved into our first home!!! I am so excited to finally be able to say that we own a house. Ever since we got married, we have been house hunting, and came so close a couple times; I was devastated when those homes didn't work out.  BUT- now I see that God had a different path laid out before us! (A path that was 876 miles away to be specific.) 

We almost found this house on accident. We started looking in the beginning of July and saw several homes that just didn't work for us. They looked great online, but let's just say the photographers were really talented.  Therefore, we decided I needed to do drive-bys before actually going in. So I pretty much spent an entire week driving all over the DFW area. (I called it, because I really felt like I did.)  The drive-bys weren't successful because of neighborhoods, homes being on powerlines, etc, and there was nothing closer than a 45 minute commute for J.  So that Saturday, J joined the tour and we did more drive-bys. After again seeing nothing we were interested in, we were frustrated, hungry, and honestly, both had to go to the bathroom after being in the car for 4 hours. (I admit, we were not being patient Christian examples.) Before swinging into a Mexican restaurant to drown our cares in cheese dip, a nearby house popped up on J's phone (thanks to the app) and we decided to swing by, thinking it was probably a waste of time. To my happy surprise, the neighborhood was adorable and so was the house.  It was an older, established neighborhood with...wait for it....TREES! Who knew they actually grow trees in Texas? 

We were cautiously excited and knew we need to move fast. So the next day, our sweet realtor, Helen, met us at the house for a tour. (Plug for our realtor: this was a Sunday afternoon and she met us literally on her way back from her Colorado vacation. She. Is. Amazing.) We LOVED the house and put in our offer the next day. Begin the waiting. I was eating chewable Pepto like it was candy. We finally got the counter back (in the middle of the night) and accepted! Inspection went well enough and we signed our lives away on August 16th! I ALMOST cried during the closing, but didn't want to embarrass J. I was that excited. 

That weekend we got to work on fixing enhancing some of the colors. Painting looks so fun and romantic on HGTV, but all it gave me was a back ache. BUT, it looks great and it was fun knowing we were doing home improvements on OUR house! 

We moved everything in on Monday with the help of our little moving angels Dee and Vee. They helped us move into our rental, and they are the jolliest, hardest working movers ever. They are also cousins with Beyonce, so maybe I'll have her at my housewarming party. Couldn't have done it without them. 

 This week has still been a little chaotic with finishing the rental and weeding through boxes, but we are so happy to be here. J loves the commute, I love being settled, and Manny loves the neighborhood because it is over-populated with bunnies. All is Well(s).

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