Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Word from the Wise......

So in September, I finally went through the dreaded procedure of having my wisdom teeth removed. (Fun Fact: they are called "Wisdom teeth" because they usually appear later in life, when you should presumably be wiser than your childhood when your other teeth come in.) My dentists have been telling me for about 10 years that they are in there and should probably come out.  I've just been able to make legitimate excuses over the years like "I'm busy with school", "I'm planning a wedding", "We just moved", etc. Well, this time I didn't have one and can't even use the "I"m too busy with work" excuse! The annoying thing about having your wisdom teeth removed is that it's not a definite decision. They may or may not ever come in or cause you problems. But if they DO....you are in for a lot of pain and for me, possibly a 3rd set of braces, as they will shift the rest of your teeth.  That sole possibility made me go for it.  (I was afraid if they did mess up my teeth, my parents might make me pay them back the $6,000 they dished out on my smile.)

Quite honestly, I was a MESS over this!  I was so nervous, especially about the sedation part. (Which, from taking a poll, is everyone's favorite part.). J was able to go in the surgery room with me while they got me ready, and in true form, I was talking ninety-to-nothing, which is what I do when I'm nervous.  Right before they put in the IV, I told J to give me a scripture....well....I was OUT before he said the first word.  Thirty-five minutes later, I was awake and it was over!!! (Yes, my surgeon got. it. done.) J was pretty disappointed that I was not a blubbering idiot that he could video; Lord knows I probably would've ended up on You Tube and then the Today show. The next few days were spent in bed eating more mashed potatoes than Idaho can produce in a year. Nurse Jeremie was fantastic and came to my need every time I rang....that's right....my cowbell.  #Hailstate #HailKatie

Here's my main takeaways:

  • Hydrocodone is amazing. 
  • Sedation is amazing. 
  • Instant mashed potatoes are amazing. Seriously like a science experiment. 
  • Frozen bags of beans or peas is the best to ice your face.....slip them in some long tube socks, pin them at the toe, and tie it around your head (See Exhibit 1 below)
  • The worst part was actually how swollen & painful my saliva glands were
  • Jeremie had a hard time admitting this--but by the end of my recovery, he was sick of the sound of a cowbell
  • I should have done this closer to Halloween and just been a chipmunk

    Against everything southern in me that says "Never post a bad picture of yourself", I had many friends insist that I share! The best thing about this picture is that I really thought I was smiling!  My mouth was still numb, so I was giving it everything I had!  

 All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience, but I'm glad it's over and that it's a one and done deal! And against what Jeremie will probably tell you......I don't think I lost any of my wisdom.....I mean, he was the one who came running every time I rang a cowbell....you make the call on who's wiser......  ; )

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