Friday, January 24, 2014

JUANuary...The Bachelor Review

Okay people...I literally started a list of disclaimers to defend myself on watching The Bachelor. But at the end of the day....if you are a Twilight or Hunger Games fan or pretty much watch ANY show on any major network right now, you can't judge me. I watch this show purely for entertainment. (Jeremie has already earmarked this show as one our children will NOT watch.) But boy is it are my thoughts on this week....
  • If I were on this show.....and you asked me to go jump off a bridge....I would politely say no thank you. I am  A LOT of things, and the fact that I won't jump off a bridge doesn't make me any less of a fun person.  Jeremie and I are living proof that most couples have one person that is jumping off the bridge and the other who holds the video camera, slaps the other on the rear and says, "Good luck, baby, Love you!" 
  • Soccer group date: Yet another date that would make me look like an idiot. I do agree everyone wants to marry someone who is a "good sport", but last time I tried to involved myself with an athletic activity, I ended up with a black eye. I would probably ask where the nacho stand is and PEACE.OUT.
  • I love the way Juan Pablo said pajamas this episode....Pee-Yamas.
  • In regards to girls coming downstairs to JP cooking breakfast...they all looked WAY too cute in their "pee-yamas"....Jeremie is always AMAZED at how messy I can make my hair after being still for 7 hours...and however hard I try, my "pee-yamas" never match....and not in a cute way....
  • Proof that the some contestants are planted for entertainment: the "Free Sprirt" that was barefoot the first episode carried out her red-soled Christian Louboutins when she got eliminated this week....
  • "Free-Spirit is also obviously in incredible shape, so I'm thinking there's a gym membership somewhere, and last time I checked, hostels did not offer those.....
  • The Opera singer...oh so much to say about her...mainly I feel like she is boring and awkward. But I also got tickled that someone who probably sings songs in many languages acted like she was having a hard time with some of the Spanish words JP was trying to teach her. Of course we all know that men love to "teach" a girl something...but there's a difference from playing dumb.
  • I also get so tickled that the 27 year old blonde talks about "what a baby" another 24 year old blonde is and they totally miss the fact that JP is falling for the 21 YEAR OLD? Personally, I met Jeremie when I was 20, knew I wanted to marry him 8 weeks later and married him at 24. I think everyone matures at different ages, so it's hard to gauge what people are ready for by just a number. And let me just're NEVER mature enough for marriage....I still throw 8 year old hissy fits over totally useless things sometimes. And I'm sure J thinks: OMG, who did I marry???
  • The private concerts are KILLING me.....half the time I have NO idea who the artist is, so I'd probably embarrass myself and have to ask one of the producers so I could act excited. 
  • At the end of the day, if we were all videoed during our courtships, we'd ALL be embarrassed to no end.  Here's to another season of fun!


  1. A few thoughts from your post:

    1. I can't judge......I watch Sister Wives.
    2. I would want a nacho stand too!
    3. I wouldn't jump from a bridge either!

  2. I absolutely love this...I have never watched the Bachelor, but it sounds as fake as a wrestling match! And just for the record, your hair IS wonderful chaotic after a night's cute! Your pajamas ~ always perfectly matched from what I've seen. Love it!