Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Little Late...Christmas & New Years

Even though our Christmas did not go "as planned", it was fabulous because it was the first one with our new little addition.  The week before Christmas, we packed up the Residence Inn and left with smoke behind our tires. We literally looked like the Clampetts. Manny in the front seat, me and Greyson in the back and all our luggage for a week shoved in every crook and cranny. For real, I felt like we needed a pull behind UHAUL trailer for the 10 pound infant's stuff. Greyson did great on the car ride to Mississippi. Manny and Jeremie did not fare so well. We stopped halfway to spend the night in Ruston and it was raining when we got there. Jeremie had Manny on a leash in one hand and the travel bassinet in the other. Manny bolts, J slips on the mud, bassinet goes flying. Some how, J managed to keep his body between the muddy ground and the bassinet. Hubby for the win. The next morning Manny threw up all over the front seat, including J's computer bag. Someone please remind us why we felt like we needed to take the dog on a 9 hour trip. Nevertheless, we finally made it to MS before we both got committed.

The family was MORE than excited to have their grandson home for the first time.

WARNING: If you are not interested in an overload of adorable pictures, please leave this post.

Isn't he the most darling Christmas present under the tree?
While I was Christmas shopping and J was napping, Nona played dress up with Greyson.

I thought this was the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER, but apparently Greyson did not.

Greyson finally got to meet his BFF and future college roommate, Jaxon Jones. We immediately switched babies so we could love on our respective "nephews".
Christmas Eve morning we did Jeremie's side of the family. Then Christmas morning was at Jeremie's grandparents for breakfast and then off to my parent's house for dinner and more gifts. LISTEN. I'm gonna be honest. Christmas Day WORE. ME. OUT. It's already tiresome enough without a little one to get up/fed/dressed/gifts in the car, etc. I was hoping to have a little "mini" family Christmas with my boys since we didn't get to do it in Dallas, but we barely had the time or energy to snap a picture in front of the tree on Christmas Day.  We DID, but by that time it was 8:30 p.m. and it's so bad, I'm not even posting it! Nevertheless, it was a great day.  Here are some more fun pics from that week.

Our sweet Judah is 3!!! From the look on Gray's face, I think he knows this next gift should come with a warning label.
So I wanted to put Greyson IN the stocking.......chunky monkey wouldn't fit.

Too bad nobody loved on Greyson while we were there. I pretty much never held him!

Greyson got to meet 5 of his GREAT grandparents!

At the end of the week we headed back to the chaos we call our lives. Since our temporary apartment wasn't available until January 4th, we stayed at The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas for a few nights.  And we had a ball. This was really the first time we felt like we relaxed since November. We drank hot cocoa in the lobby, watched bowl games, ordered room service and strolled around downtown.

Lunch at Iron Catcus
In front of the Christmas tree at the Adolphus

Don't mind the baby on the couch a midst our fancy dinner.  #ababychangeseverything

We went to the original Neiman Marcus downtown.....and the only thing we could afford was a Christmas ornament...that was 50% off.....
This is what Jeremie did while I shopped.....

We also did lots of napping......

And yes. These are baby pajamas.

And this may be my all time favorite pic ever. Doesn't Greyson look so guilty like he just took a big ole bite out of that burger?
And even though we didn't make it till midnight, we rang in the New Year with excitement for what 2015 will bring!


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