Thursday, March 19, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: (But It's Thursday)...Most Embarrassing Moment

Okay, so our internet has been jacked up ALL week, so I'm finally able to post this.  A couple weeks ago, I decided to link up with Shay Shull's blog with a series called Show and Tell Tuesdays. I've really enjoyed it, and I've never linked up before, so here goes.  

Of course, my FIRST time to join this series was the day we were supposed to report our most embarrassing moment EVER.

Unfortunately, I have MULTIPLE embarrassing moments from busting my rear doing the “Cotton Eye Joe” at our school dance to accidentally sending my boss an email invite to my lingerie shower. BUT, my MOST embarrassing moment happened in 8th Grade.

Eighth grade was by FAR my favorite! Namely because I made the 8th grade showchoir, which was something that I’d been looking forward to since 6th grade.  Our group was called the “Showstoppers”, (doesn’t that just make you wanna do jazzhands right now?) and the day I looked forward to my WHOLE 8th grade life was the day the Showstoppers got to do an “exhibition performance” for the entire school.  THIS MEANT that I got to wear my flashy blue showchoir dress, hair, and stage makeup to school.  LADIES. You know how big this was. It also meant that I got to show off my MOVES to the whole school, specifically, my first boyfriend at the time. And when I say moves, I DO mean jazz hands and box steps. 

So my dad dropped me off at the crosswalk and I proudly threw on my fake Jansport (because my parents refused to pay $40 for a bookbag) and headed to the 8th grade area where we waited before the bell rang. To add MORE excitement, I had to walk through the 7TH GRADE area to get there, which is where my boyfriend was standing since he was a grade below me. I gave it my BEST 8th grade strut. My boyfriend was staring. My BFF/neighbor (who was also best buds with my boyfriend) was staring. Heck, the whole 7th grade was staring. I KNOW. Because I was looking smokin’ hot. (And by smokin’ hot, I mean a mouth full of braces, the layered “Rachel” haircut, and blue eye shadow to match my blue dress. DUH.) It was the best moment of my life to date.

When I made it to the 8th grade area, my dear girlfriends said “KATIE!!! Your dress is completely pulled up and stuck to your bookbag!!!!” They immediately pulled my dress down to cover my already advertised bum. I DIED. WANTED TO DIE.  Granted, I had the bloomers on, but YA’LL. I had just strutted my stuff across campus like it was New York Fashion week.

I had NO interest in performing for the school that day. And between my friends' and neighbor’s CONSTANT jokes, I PAID for my vanity that day. Maybe it was the darn fake Jansport. Bet the real Jansport wouldn’t have pulled it up.

So that’s it! We are human…..we ALL have them! Be brave and share YOUR most embarrassing moment!

And coming up on Show and Tell Tuesdays......

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