Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was pretty fantastic! It was my first Mother's Day and Jeremie and I celebrated our SIX YEAR anniversary! 

Nona Cate showed up on Friday and I'm pretty sure I didn't hold Greyson until she left on Monday.  These two had a ball together.......

When Jeremie has a good gift to give he CANNOT WAIT another moment to exchange gifts. He wanted Greyson to be a part of the exchange and almost woke him up from his morning nap because he couldn't wait any longer. Too bad I threatened his life if he woke up my sleeping baby. The MOMENT Greyson opened his eyes, we got the party started. The gift was a gorgeous necklace from Tiffany's!!! Now I see why he was so excited. Daddy did good. He said it was a joint anniversary/mother's day gift from him and Greyson. Greyson seems pretty invested in the exchange, doesn't he?

Anyway, if I would've known that J was about to gift me with Tiffany's, I would've made a little more effort with my outfit selection. But we were about to run around town to hardware, really. 

I did manage to clean myself up a little bit that night for dinner! Grandmothers in town means DATE NIGHT!!!! We gorged ourselves on delicious steaks at Bob's Steakhouse. 

No, we did NOT plan our outfits, but really......we NAILED it....
We are knee deep in picking out everything for the house (FINALLY) so we took our 67th trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart the next day to finalize our granite and pick out back splash. This store seriously showed up right on time for us!!! They have great prices and we've picked almost everything for the house from there! (I mean, it's 10 acres of store, what don't they have?!) They even have a darling little nursing/mother's room, so taking Greyson is not a problem!

Greyson picked out a chair.

Nona bought Greyson an exersaucer and thanks to Amazon Prime, it showed up at the door within 2 hours. I think this was as much of a gift to me as it was to him......hands free entertainment for at least 25-35 minutes! 

And for a little anniversary fun....I made this slideshow LAST year for our five year anniversary and always meant to put it on YouTube.....hmmmm...better late than never right!?  Just pretend it's a year later and there's lots of pictures of Greyson.....geez....that's a whole 'nother slide show!!!

You can view our slideshow and share in our sweet 5 years of memories here!


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