Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 4

We're rolling right along through June folks! Week 4 of the Summer O Fun was a little less busy, but just as fun.
One of the items on our summer bucket list is to visit all 5 of the Plano libraries. This week, we visited Davis library for the Three Little Pigs puppet show. Although Greyson loves the book at home he was not a fan of the puppet show. Nor was I. I think the wolf scared him and there were no songs. Toddlers need songs people. Jeremie asked when he came home if the little pigs got eaten. He thinks the pigs NOT getting eaten is the politically correct version. And I'm like... well babe, you can be the one who deals with the emotional aftermath when our child witnesses a wolf eating the little piggies. Anyway, it wasn't a wasted trip, because this library had some great toys that Greyson enjoyed.
Later that week we randomly ended up at a free trial "Tiny Tots" class at ASI Gymnastics. A friend invited us and honestly, I figured it would be a fun one time experience. But let me tell you, my child had a BLAST. It was like someone unleashed his inner joy. We've tried a couple of other classes but this was definitely more "motor skills" oriented and he loved every minute of it. He was running across the trampolines, jumping into the foam pit and rolling down the wedges. He even did a "floor routine" to the music. The class lasted 50 minutes and the instructor was super fun and incorporated some developmental activities and intro gymnastic skills. It was so much fun. We'll probably be signing up for weekly classes this fall. I definitely recommend trying it! 
On the parallel bars.....

I guess he though little Sarah needed a spot....


Friday we checked off Celebration Park/splash pad in Allen. This park is HUGE! There are like 3 or 4 amazing jungle gyms to play on. One is completely wheelchair friendly with ramps, which is awesome. Greyson did enjoy walking up and down those, but he's still a little too small for the bigger ones. I'll be honest and say there's not a ton of shade so it was HOT. It'll be perfect for us in the Fall.
We had a great time with "Aunt Jorie" and Preston!
 Official splash pad review: Nice. It wasn't huge nor did it have the soft, non-slip surface, or toddler area like the Campbell-Green splash pad.  

I'm definitely more tired at the end of the week during the Summer O Fun. And not because of activities.....even if we stayed at home the entire day, I'd be just as tired because Greyson DOES NOT STOP. (I'll definitely cherish Mother's Day Out and Bible Study a little more when it returns in the Fall.) But I'm having such a blast and I feel like a kid again...... like summer is an actual season!

Excited about our adventures for Week 5!

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