Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Wells Weekly

Fall time has proved itself to be busy as usual!  I'm going to try to do better at updating the blog more often.  I love how several of my friends have a weekly themed blog like "Thoughts for Thursdays" or "Wordless Wednesdays, but I could never come up with a catchy little title like that till this week.  I was driving down the road one morning and it hit me:  The Wells Weekly!  So here's my first attempt at a giving a "nutshell" version of our lives within the last week.

1. Last Friday J and I finally took time to go out on a date, by ourselves!  We went to Liam's in Thomasville.  It was very good, great atmosphere and great service. Probably gets a 6.5 out of 10.  Entrees were just okay. J got tuna, which just confirmed that you should only order tuna when you are at the beach.  I got snapper, which had a lot of bacon flavor.  Can't go wrong with bacon.  But our favorite thing was the cheese expert.  That's right, they have a cheese adviser that asks you what you like and brings you those types of cheeses. If you know us well, you know what big cheese nerds we are.  But the best thing was the quality time with my hubby.
2. Monday I had a coffee date with my dear friend Hannah Webster, who went to Nicaragua with us.  She is 16 years old and such a jewel.  If we have a daughter, I hope she'll be like Hannah.  She is at such an exciting time in her life; I love hearing about her thought process about all the future decisions she will be making.  Somehow a midst all her activities, she makes sure she is serving a leadership role in the youth group at church.
3. We had a sword swallower come to our church on Wednesday.  It was incredible.  He actually appeared on America's Got Talent a couple years ago. Made my stomach say "thank you" for never trying anything that crazy. AND he had an amazing way of communicating the gospel through his swallowing....think "Sword of the Spirit...Ephesians 6:17....Everyone has a ministry, right?
4. I am on day 27 of the 30 Day Shred workout program.  Haven't lost much weight, but definitely feel better.  The goal is my 10 year reunion in June.  Yes, that is FAR away, but let's be honest ladies- at your 10 year reunion, you want to be one of two things:  1) Adorably pregnant so your weight doesn't matter anyway 2) So fabulous and in amazingly better shape than you were 10 years ago.  Since we are waiting on Option 1 for another 2.5 years, Option 2 is my only choice.
5. It is almost hunting season and Jeremie couldn't be any happier. He has been working on all types of hunting "arts and crafts" and vigilantly preparing his food plots with the tractor.  (Which really should be a whole blog post in itself-the tractor work has including hitting the satellite with the tractor, getting the bush hog stuck between two trees, and losing his keys for an entire week due to the fact they fell into the engine of the tractor.) This week, I came home to random groceries on the counter:  syrup, apple juice, apple sauce, black eyed peas, raisins, and other un-identifiables. Sure that he did not eat all these things for lunch, I asked him the purpose of the random groceries and he gets a sparkle in his eye and pulls out a gallon sized ziploc bag of a mixture that he says is essentially a trail mix recipe for deer that he found online.  Emphasized that it was much cheaper to make than to buy.  He was so proud of himself.  But hey-I make wreaths-he makes deer snack packs.  To each his own.
6. I've been praying about what type of study I need to get myself into next. Well, God answered when my friend Tiffany asked me this week if I wanted to join her in a T-Group (or Transformation Group) which is a study focused on Discipleship.  It's a year long study; looking very forward to it! Tiff and I have surveyed our husbands if they think we can be transformed.......the verdict is still out.  : )
7.  If you are looking for something extra to put on your prayer list this week, pray for a team from our church that is in Ethiopia serving on a mission trip this week.
8.  The Bulldawgs won today.

And this concludes the Wells Weekly!  Happy Saturday!

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