Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Wells Weekly!

So far, I'm doing GREAT keeping up with The Wells Weekly, and I'm quite proud of myself.  It feels like a weekly homework assignment, and I ALWAYS do my homework.  So let's start with the first assignment:  posting more adorable pictures of my nephew.

Uncle J loves his Judah......

So does Aunt K.....NOTE: adorable MSU hat in background that we picked up in Starkville....

"Raise your hand if you love Aunt K the most!" 
It was great to see Lauren & Gray.  It is amazing how natural they already are as parents.  Watching Lauren as a mother was beautiful.  Made me not ready.....but looking being a mama.  For right now, I will be happy to learn from her and spoil Judah.

So this week was pretty low key, which was fabulous.  We were exhausted from our 14 round trip to Starkville.  So here are my random thoughts from this week:

1.  Jeremie's Comment:  Come to think of it, I probably will always have a spot for Jeremie's random comments each week, because he says the most interesting things. Here's how it went down on Monday:  I had just finished a big shopping trip at Wal-Mart (which I DESPISE), had loaded the car down with 274 bags, and was worn out.  I called J to tell him to pre-heat the oven for dinner (loaded potato night-one of our favorites) and this is what he told me:  "Katie, I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for our family.  I know you hate Wal-Mart, but I thank you that you go anyway and make sure our family has everything we need."  With a tear in my eye, I graciously thanked him.  But he went on to say: "In appreciation of what you do, I got you a gift today.".......Another potential tear on my part as I asked what this gift was.  He proudly says  "A Lock-On Tree Stand!"  Oh, you should have heard my cry for joy!  What I was secretly wishing for!!!!  hahahaha....NOT really.

Jeremie continues to tell me he got it for free because we had bonus dollars for Dick's Sporting Goods on our credit card.  To set the record straight, I did appreciate J's purchase because I do go hunting and he knows that I get nervous in cheaply made tree stands. This one has a bar that pulls down in front of you (to prevent you from falling out), armrests, AND a footrest.  My hubby has an eye for luxuy....right? hehehehehe....

2.  I had a fun time with friends this week.  Tuesday, I went to a 31 Event Party, Thursday, my friend Morgan came over to help me bake a cake, and Friday, a few of us hung out at my friend Tiffany's pretty new house.  Morgan is 17 and can cook circles around me.  I don't know if I'm just slow, or if I talk too much, but she had stuff thrown in the mixer before I could even crack an egg.......

The cake turned out amazing and we had a GREAT time.  I even conned her into wearing an MSU apron.  Will definitely be having more cooking sessions with Morgan.  
3. I got in touch with my crafty side and made an adorable fall wreath out of burlap.  It took me three weeks.....but I finally finished and I love it!

4. It was like Christmas at our house this week.  Jeremie sold his old bow and bought a new one.  So that came in, some more junk hunting stuff that J ordered to make him smell like dirt or deer or something came in, and of course, my very own Lock-On Tree Stand showed up at our front door another day.

5. Saturday was THE PERFECT fall day.  I love the cooler weather.  It inspired me to cook chili while I watched football.  J hunted with his new toys.  Later he built me the first fire of the year.  HAPPINESS.

6.  We really are blessed with our friends and church here in Tally.  We are starting a 1 John sermon series, which has already proved to be amazing and VERY thought provoking.  We had a prayer session this morning with our class and literally went around the room and prayed for each other's specific needs.  It was really powerful.  LOVE how God has surrounded us with these people.

7. I totally enjoyed my Sunday nap today.  If you don't know me, I take a nap EVERY SUNDAY.  Thanks, Dad, for instilling such values in me.

8.  I haven't posted a picture of the little buddy in a while.  He is still the apple of our eye.  And totally spoiled.  Our friend David actually snapped this one....

Have a wonderful week!

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