Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our friends hosted a costume party for Halloween last Saturday, so we dressed up as Woody & Jessie from Toy Story.  We always enjoy dressing up....Jeremie initially acts like he's really not into it, but when it comes down to it, and there's a costume competition at stake, he's says he may as go big or go home. (Hence, he was making spurs for his boots the day of the party.)  I have to thank my dear sister in law for letting me borrow her handmade Jessie outfit. Jeremie's was fun to put together and I learned how to use fabric bond from spending a morning ironing the cow print fabric on a vest we found a Goodwill.  I think our costumes turned out great.  Yeehaw!

The party also included Halloween Trivia, Candy Corn Relay, and Name That Candy (blindfolded).  Boys vs. Girls, of course.  I have to admit, the boys won this time, as Brandy (see Belle from Beauty and the Beast below) identified butterscotch chips as chocolate chips.  There was an eruption of cheers from the boys as we lost....and they aren't letting us forget it.  We'll get them next time, Brandy....we still love you.  
We had a great time......

Just for are a few "blast from the past" pics from our former Halloweens funny to see how we've changed.....

2008.....about a month before we got engaged....

2006........I know...what was I thinking...blonde hair?

And that's right...this is 2005!  About 6 months after Jeremie and I met!  
Oh the memories....hmmm...what should we be next year????

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