Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tallahassee's Miss America(s)

There She Is.......So this weekend some of my girlfriends got together for a super girly Miss America Viewing Party.  It was a blast!  Our party was complete with crowns, sashes, scorecards, and Miss America themed food.  (Our group has a "Go Big or Go Home" mentality.)

Our pageant contestants were: 
Miss State (This was me of course)
Miss Communications
Miss Fits
Miss Behave
Miss Demeanor
Miss Fortune
Miss Take
Miss Conception (She's actually pregnant!)

Practicing our "Surprised" faces! 

Harassing the winner in true pageant style...give me that CROWN!!!!!

The food fit for a Queen consisted of: 
Na-cho Crown Cheese Dip
World Peace Pizza Dip
Bombshell Brushetta
Pageant Punch
Add-a-Cup Cakes
Talent Show Taco Bread
And The Wiener is...Little Smokies
Perky Pineapple and Swimsuit Strawberries
So Berry Sexy (chocolate covered strawberries)

The pageant was totally comical. It was quite ironic for the 8 of us to be shoving our faces while we mercilessly judged extremely fit girls in bikinis.  The talent competition was even more ruthless since we had a dancer, piano player, and singer in the room to point out their every mistake.  But hey---those girls chose to be judged, so judge we did.  We had Miss Oklahoma picked win, but somehow Miss Wisconsin took the title.  Too bad she wasn't wearing water proof mascara.  

Nevertheless, we had a great time and are already thinking about themes for next year.....80's Miss America??? 

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