Monday, January 16, 2012

The Wells Weekly: New Year, New Resolutions....

So I realize that it's officially MID JANUARY, but let's face it, we all feel like Christmas was yesterday.  So I'm already behind on posting my New Year's Resolutions.....I hope that's not a sign of how dedicated I will be to them.  Anyway, I have WAY too many things that I want to do this year to actually take it seriously, so I am not going to kick myself for not tackling every single one. But just for fun, here are my resolutions/hopes/ambitions for 2012:

Things I really want to accomplish: 
  • Do my devotional/quiet time in the mornings before work
  • The typical "Get in Shape"......seriously...really...10 Year Reunion in 6 months!
  • Grow in my prayer life
  • Go to Italy!
Things that I would like to do but will probably not accomplish:
  • Finish my Wedding and Honeymoon scrapbooks (um, yeah, those events occurred 2.5 years ago)
  • Learn how to coupon
  • Learn how to use my Nikon camera (so many buttons!)
  • Actually cook recipes out of my cookbooks
  • Keep my car cleaned out (usually full of....junk...)
  • Keep my purse cleaned out (usually full of receipts..and.junk)
  • Keep the pantry more organized
  • Pinterest projects!
So if you see me around, feel free to be my accountability partner and inspect my purse....just warning you...there may be a sharp object or small telling.....

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