Sunday, February 12, 2012

Country Come to Town....

Well folks, we are back from the Big D.  And honestly, I think "Big D" is an understatement.  I'm thinking more like "Gigantic D" or "Humongous D".  I really did feel like a country girl come to town.  Tallahassee was a huge "upgrade" for me when I moved from Brookhaven, MS, but Dallas makes Tally look like a little village. If I had a nickel for how many exits and turns we missed, our first month's rent would be paid.  The roads were CRAZY and there were just hundreds of neighborhoods!!!  Thanks to our fabulous realtor, Helen, we were able to get around town and find something.

So after 2 full days in the car, and looking at over 15 houses, we settled on an adorable home that has a 6 month lease, so we can hopefully buy our own house soon! 
5001 Ridge Run Drive, Mckinney, TX.
It even has a fenced in yard for Little Buddy.  The comical thing is that it was the BIGGEST yard that we came across, and it is .25 acres.  One house that we looked at had a "yard" that was essentially the size of a large puppy pad; just enough room for Manny to squat and come back in the house.  We left that one pretty quickly. Little adjustment from living on +500 acres. 

Jeremie and I were almost delirious last night by the time we got finished with everything.  We ordered To Go from Chili's, went to the hotel, and ate our food on the bed in our pajamas.  Isn't that a town that hosts famous restaurants and we ate eggrolls and sliders.  Sigh.  

Anyways, aside from the house hunt stress, we are excited about our new city.  There is every restaurant and store you could ever think of.  We did manage to squeeze in our first ever trip to IKEA and it DID NOT disappoint.  That place is unreal; J even enjoyed it, mainly because they sell wood, so maybe he'll build something.  The suburb that we will live in also has a precious downtown, which reminds me of Thomasville.  

I have to admit, it was nice to get back to Tally, which I refuse to stop calling "Home" until the last item is packed and I am driving out the driveway for the last time.  But you know what they say...Home is Where the Heart Is....and this is my heart:  

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