Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Day!

A midst one of the busiest weeks of our lives, we managed to squeeze in a very special Valentine's Day.  SEVERAL weeks ago I made a bold offer to Jeremie that I would plan Valentine's Day.  I insisted that if this "Day of Love" was about true love, then it's not fair for the man to be the one to plan a romantic date every year.  I insisted that for 6 years, he had successfully (with the exception of one year) planned Valentine's, so it was my turn. Now, keep in mind that about 3 weeks later, he told me he was moving me to Dallas, so I did lose that lovin' feelin' a little bit, but stuck with my commitment. : ) 

For our date, I wanted to do something that Jeremie would truly enjoy.  Well, I know that hands down, Jeremie's idea of a quality time date would be me & him by ourselves at home cooking dinner together.  So I stuck to that theme, but asked to borrow our landlord's lake house as the setting for our dinner.  Relaxing ambiance: check. Next was the menu. My very talented and dear friend, Morgan, cooked a delicious menu of salad, shrimp and grits, and chocolate cheesecake.....fabulous food: check. So one week while Jeremie was out of town, I packed up all my lovely china and a ton of candles and hid them in the closet.  The morning of Valentine's I hauled it all to my car and raced to the lake house after work to set everything up.  I arrived home, telling Jeremie to hurry and get ready so we wouldn't miss our reservation.  Lies to husband as a diversion:  check.  So when we started riding through the woods towards the lake house, J asked where the heck this reservation was!  I was about to bust to tell him about my scheme.  He was quote "ecstatic" that we weren't headed to a crowded restaurant to sit elbow to elbow with the rest of the poor Valentine's crowd.  

The set up really turned out beautiful if I may say so myself.  

I was really disappointed at first that it was raining because I wanted to set the table out on the dock by the lake.  But there was a beautiful screen porch on the side of the house that was fact it was quite nice to sit out there and listen to the rain while we ate. Even though it would have been much easier to make a simple restaurant reservation, this date was priceless and perfect! And my hubby is totally worth it. : ) 

 I realize this post was a little mushy, but hey, who doesn't love love, right? 

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