Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Great Southern Adventure

So I have finally returned from my adventure, recovered, washed all my clothes, gone grocery shopping, and returned to my little routine, which is much appreciated.  After 12 nights of being away, I was so happy to sleep in my own bed and cuddle up to my hubby!  BUT, I had the most fabulous time on my trip.  I traveled a total of 1,645 miles (more or less) and visited what feels like almost everyone I know or have known! HA!

I kicked off the weekend with my 10 year High School Reunion, which was a blast!!! It was awesome to see everyone. In some ways, it made me feel younger to be around all the people I grew up with, and in other ways, it made me feel older to see us  married, and lots of them with children! One of the neatest things was the "Memory" table we had, where everyone brought their old pictures to share. They were hilarious. Here are a couple of mine that I am reluctant to share, but they are too funny not to. Everybody had an awkward, ugly stage right??? Try to play Where's Waldo.

This is my 5th Grade class picture. Check out bottom far right. Yes, that is KT. Even my mom said:  "Aww...look how homely you look!"
9th Grade Cheerleader Pic. Far Left. Love the braces.
We laughed at our old memories and danced the night away! Even hubby had a great time with the other husbands! 
The cheerleaders are all grown up!
My very first [kindergarten] boyfriend!  Ryan Channel! We tried to make our respective spouses jealous, but they didn't seem too concerned!!!  Hahahaha....

The rest of my week in Petal/Hattiesburg was spent visiting with my parents, grandparents, and other family & friends.  It was so nice to spend  time with them and not be in a rush.  Mom & I managed to "squeeze" in a trip or 2 (or 4) to all the surrounding Hudson's, which only South MS folks can appreciate. And of course a highlight was getting to see my GROWING nephew, which just filled my heart.  I arrived at the PERFECT time when Mama Cate was helping Lauren with work, Jeremie was napping, & Papa Mitch was somewhere. This meant I got 3 full hours of Judah all to myself. He napped on me, I fed him, and chased him around, as he is now crawling like a bandit! And bath time is always entertaining.

Is it me, or does my Mother-In-Law look like she's 30?  : ) 

Next, I headed north to Meridian and visited my roommate from MSU, Kelly.  In true South MS style, we spent the day by the creek catching up and old times and new. : ) I totally forgot a bathing suit, so  I dug one out at my parents' house that was from 9th grade! I was proud that it even fit...not the same...but hey, I technically could get it on my body.

The next day, I kept heading north and made a stop in Starkville to get my hair done by my FAVORITE hairdresser of all time, and had the Blue Plate Special at the Veranda with Amy. Another one of my besties, Meg, picked me up in Starkville and like a tornado, we headed off to Huntsville, AL to visit our third counterpart, Mary. Our girls reunion was absolutely fabulous. The three of us have not been together  in 2 years, so we had much catching up to do. We agreed that we laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed. If an outsider heard some of our conversations and ridiculous cackling, they would question our sanity. Mary's hubby Stan cooked for us and catered to us like we were queens. We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Melting Pot. Mary hosted a Thirty-One Party on Saturday and it went I think I need to take another "business trip" to Huntsville again soon. 

LOVE these girls.
Meg and I headed back to Starvkille on Sunday where I spent the last two nights of my big trip.  Sunday happened to be my 28th birthday, so Amy & I celebrated at Old Venice, one of my Starkville favorites! The first birthday I celebrated at Old Venice was my 20TH! So I definitely felt a little older!  

Amy had a chocolate cake for me which we enjoyed in our pajamas! Wild night, huh?
The next day we be-bopped around campus, which never gets old.  I could make laps around the place and still not get enough! Just love me some MSU! Another trip to Hudson's scored Amy some outdoor chairs which would NOT fit in her car. A lady saw us "struggling" (her words exactly) and showed us how we could fit them in the trunk and tie them down. Again, in true South MS style, our trip home looked like this: 

The rest of our night was spent watching our guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, and doing some arts and crafts. It was great to spend some quality time with my sister-no one really gets you like your sister, right? 

So after many nights away from the family, I picked up some Shipley's donuts & coffee and hit the road for my 8.5 hour drive to Texas!  Thank goodness for books on CD!  It was (and still is) wonderful to be home.  It was an awesome trip, and one that I feel like was a rare opportunity! God has blessed me with wonderful family & friends! 

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