Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Wells Weekly

So I don't really have an exciting title or event to blog about. Most of this is totally random/uninteresting, but every day can't be a circus, right? So here's what I got:

1. Manny's LOVES small, hidden places, but his all time favorite place in this house is behind the door of our little toilet room in the Master Bathroom. This house is much larger than our last place, so one day when I was frantically looking for him, I spy this......

Found him.

And other times Manny is not so shy.....

2. Our neighborhood does have a community pool, but it's always super crowded and I'm pretty sure the teenage residents have given the code to ALL of their friends. And personally, I hate toting all my stuff down there and having to use a community bathroom. So I made my own oasis in the privacy of our backyard.

3. I have been working out hard lately and really enjoying it!  This may or may not be motivated by my upcoming 10 Year High School Reunion, but nevertheless, I've lost weight,  feel better, and met lots of friends. J is also doing The Biggest Loser at work, so he's trying to lose a few pounds too.  This has lead to healthier eating, and this has been my best creation so far:  Strawberry Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken. YUM. 

4. One of those said friends at the gym is a woman after my own heart: She loves antiques and took me on a "field trip" to a place called the Frisco Mercantile. It was an endless maze of booths full of vintage antiques and adorable crafts. I came home with an adorable pig painting. Laugh if you want to, but I have a love for pigs after raising them for years, and just couldn't resist it.  It perfectly matched the deep coral & blue pillows that I've already bought for our Master Bedroom when we buy a house. (Going for a funky Southwestern theme.) Call me crazy, but I thought the pigs were smiling, and sure enough, the name of the painting is "Happy Pigs." Oink, oink baby.

5. Not to kill the pig theme, but a few weeks earlier, I had bought a cute iron pig for our porch. Although J loves both purchases, he told me no more pigs. I think he's worried I will start a weird collection and was envisioning a China cabinet full of porcelain pigs, wooden pigs, Santa pigs, you get the point. So we are on a pig freeze right now.

6. My Thirty-One business is going great! My two online parties, the Texas party order, some stuff my Director sent me, and a company incentive all came in within two days of each other, so it was like Christmas over here this week! I loved looking at all the orders and some new products I've never seen before! I've pretty much made back the money I spent to get into it, so quite happy about that!  And I've got a couple more parties booked that I'm really excited about!  

7. I'm so excited about this week coming up: HS Reunion, spending a few nights with the parents, then headed north to visit Amy & several of my fabulous college friends!!! I won't bore with itinerary details, but I will be blogging about my entire trip when I return! 

8. The Big D House Hunt has officially commenced!  J and I looked at 5 houses this weekend, and really liked one of them. Another one smelled really funky and another had 5-foot cement gargoyles in the front. It definitely helped us see which areas we like the most, so hopefully we'll find the perfect one soon! House hunting is tiresome and definitely not as glamorous as HGTV makes it look.  

9. I posted this on FB, but must document on my blog, too.  I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and they have an entire aisle dedicated to Homecoming corsage materials. I saw an episode about this on Big Rich Texas, but honestly thought it was probably scripted to be funny/stereotypical Dallas.  But apparently, it's a for real tradition. Some of the ribbons were as tall as me! I guess I will have to add this to my Texas Mom duties.  

Happy Trails!  

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