Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with one of my favs, Narci for Friday Favorites!  Grab the graphic and join in with YOUR favorites! 


Not much could make me or my hubby happier. Last night actually kicked it off with two CLOSE games between Vandy vs. South Carolina and Appalachian State vs. Tennessee. And I have to say I giggled a little bit watching those poor Tennessee fans in their ever so tacky orange and white checkered overalls SWEAT IT OUT. Listen. I know overalls are back in apparently, but NO. Just no. 

Nevertheless, we are amped about starting our weekend and chowing down on sausage balls and our favorite dip (called MSU Sin). 

2) Mother's Day Out has begun!!! Greyson only goes from 9-2 one day a week, but ya'll know....5 hours to a Mama is like 10 for a regular person. Last year I was a little apprehensive about leaving Lil' G, and this year I was there 20 minutes early and spinning out on two wheels. As I was cheers-ing my girlfriend at Starbucks, another mama friend text me and said she was still in the parking lot with tears in her eyes. #NOPE


Greyson had to wear his new firetruck shirt. Appropriately, the back says "STAY BACK 200 FEET". I LOVE G's new Wildkin backpack! It's the perfect size for a toddler! For some reason it looks bigger in this picture than it really is. 

Checking out his new schedule. Doesn't he look like such a BIG BOY! 
3) New Restaurants! One thing I LOVE about living in the city is the nearness of all the restaurants and entertainment! There's always a new place to try out! Last week, Kenny's East Coast Pizza opened and we had to try it! The pizza was fabulous, but this peanut butter pie had me all but LICKING THE PLATE. It was quite possibly the best dessert I've ever had. Don't worry, I did share it with Greyson and Jeremie. Some of it.


4) Swap Site Finds! I'm a bargain hunter and I LOVE finding good stuff on these Facebook Swap Sites. This little play kitchen has definitely been a favorite find!!!! I snatched it for $25!!! No reason to pay full price for stuff, Mamas!!! It's already paid for itself in hours of fun! 

5)  Favorite Read/New Author! I kept hearing recommendations about this book called "Big Little Lies" by Liane I read it this summer and OH MY! It was SO GOOD! Easy read, funny, great twists and turns! AND it's going to be an HBO mini-series staring Reese Witherspoon! Definitely gonna check out her other books! 

Image result for big little lies

 Hope ya'll have a great weekend! 

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